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I have spoken to countless people in Washoe, and they all agree that our elections and school systems need immediate repair.

They talk at length about how our teachers and kids are failing. How the trustees, superintendents, principals, etc., seem to be turning a blind eye to the issues at best.

They feel their kids need to be safer and receive a far better education. They complain that their kids are being taught things that are setting them back, not propelling them forward. They’ve had enough of the woke’ism. They’ve had enough of teaching our kids they are victims or oppressors. They’ve had enough of the gangs and drug abuse in the schools. They’ve had enough.

I have spoken to countless people in Washoe, and they feel that their vote no longer counts. They want voter ID enforced to vote. They don’t want ballots mailed to everyone, just to people who request them. They want clean voter rolls, election day, not a month and a half, and so much more common sense stuff.

Now, these people I talk to come from all walks of life. I’m not in a bubble. Believe it or not, many of my friends are Democrats and lean more conservative than many Republicans. We may not agree on everything, but we agree that our kids, teachers, and elections should be safe.

We agree that kids and teachers aren’t given what they need to succeed, and our elections need a ton of help to become trustworthy. They’ve all said this in their way.

Now when you look at the RGJ, which I call the “Real Gutless Journalists,” or The Nevada Independent, which I call “Soros’s Dependent,” they try to paint me as some kind of right-wing nut job, but I’m actually the furthest from it.

In fact, as Plato has told us, no one is hated more than he who tells the truth.

It’s true with these two propaganda rags. They hate me because I simply tell the truth. I call out some of the people supporting them and some of the people they support.

They’ve never disproved anything I said. They will speak in half-truths, omit things, slander me, etc., in hopes that you’re dumb enough to believe them and their puppet masters.

The fact is we are the majority. In military warfare, it’s an old trick where they take a really small minority that’s bat crap crazy, then use their propaganda papers to make them look like the majority. It’s a psyop. It will work on people, organizations, nations, etc. if the people don’t apply critical thinking.

If you put on your critical thinking cap, I’m pretty sure you, too, will come to the realization that you want your kids to get a proper, safe education, and you want every legitimate vote to be counted properly.

Can we agree on that?

Can we agree that you want our kids and teachers to be successful and our elections legitimate?

Seems pretty simple to me and the countless people I’ve spoken to.

Here very soon, we will expose what we’ve been working on. It will blow your mind.

Anyone who denies or is against what we prove is simply someone either too dumb or too corrupt to want the best for our kids and elections.

We are the majority, not them.

The “Real Gutless Journalists” at the RGJ and “Soros’s Dependent” can lie about us all they want. It just further shows their corruption and need for new, trustworthy media.

Cognitive biases can be a significant issue for some people. We don’t need individuals who refuse to believe the truth, no matter the evidence presented. We need the majority of us to organize and come together more effectively.

Most of us share similar viewpoints, but a divide exists among conservative-thinking individuals. A minor difference in ideology can cause this divide, such as speaking truth to power. Some people fear doing so or being associated with those who do for fear of being labeled something slanderous.

It’s time to focus on the basics. If we come together to save our kids and elections, we can save everything. I am telling the truth, and you know it in your heart. I never lie. If we all agree on these two things and work together, we all win.

Attend Freedom Friday this week, which is free. You will learn about what is happening in the county and how we can all make a difference.

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Save Our Kids, Save Our Elections.



Stay tuned for some hidden facts that will blow your mind. You may have suspected these things but for whatever reason, couldn’t prove them. We will reveal them. Once we do, what will you do then? I’m eager to see.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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