My wife and I recently embarked on an exciting adventure to the real deep south: Antarctica. Along the way, we journeyed through several countries, including Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, and, of course, the continent of Antarctica, where we witnessed tremendous beauty, met incredible people, and learned a great deal about the history of these regions. And, of course, we encountered countless cute little penguins, some of which weighed a whopping 90 pounds or more!

While traveling through various socialist and communist countries, we couldn’t help but notice the tremendous struggles that many people face in these nations. In countries like Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay, there exists a massive gap between the rich and the poor, with most people earning between $500-1,500 per month, while the cost of living remains comparable to that of the US. In addition to income taxes, residents are also subjected to a value-added tax (VAT) of approximately 21% on most purchases. While some live in luxury, many others reside in slums and non-gated communities, seemingly accepting their circumstances as just the way things are.

It was both eye-opening and disheartening to see firsthand what happens when people lose their rights and freedoms, accepting what they believe to be the new norm. It is a sad reality that they have come to terms with. As we spoke with drivers, guides, and locals, we realized that what happened in their countries to bring them to their current state is eerily similar to what is happening in America today. The destruction of currency via inflation, the push for socialism, the indoctrination of youth, the division of people through some mechanism, and the erosion of self-reliance, infrastructure, and supply chains – these are all issues that we are facing in America as well.

What separates us from these other countries is God, our Constitution, and We The People. We know what freedom looks like, and it is vital that we don’t willingly surrender our rights for the illusion of safety. Benjamin Franklin’s warning remains relevant today: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” America has never been perfect, but it is still the best there has ever been.

For us to survive and thrive as a nation, we must get back to the basics. It is essential that we teach our children the constitution and real history in our schools. We need legitimate elections and representatives who prioritize the good of the many over the good of themselves. We must refuse to be silent for fear of being called names or put on a list. It is now or never. We must start locally and take back our backyards if we want to take back our country.

Join us on 2/24 in Boomtown for Freedom Friday to discuss the issues and possible solutions. We are far from lost, but we need to make a course correction before we hit the proverbial communist glacier. It’s not too late, and we can do this together.



On a lighter note, it’s worth mentioning that our trip to the south was surprisingly warm, with no snow in sight. In fact, it was colder in Reno and Truckee than it was in Antarctica! Additionally, during the weeks of travel, I did extensive research into a few areas that would blow your mind with my findings. I look forward to sharing some of this with you in the future. See you on 2/24!

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