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Yuri warned us, there is a huge push to destroy America. They start by teaching our kids Communism and Marxism with no opposing side to their teaching.

Within one to two generations our kids’ brains are reprogrammed with nonsense that has never worked and they are the ones left to run what’s left of our country into the ground.

We’re on that course now.

Have you walked into a Starbucks, restaurant, etc with this new crop of kids fresh out of the education system?

With their purple hair, cow nose ring, Pfizer eyes stare, do you feel their promise?

Hell no I don’t. Can you imagine this generation of woke pansy asses having to defend us against a real army or hell, even mean words?

We’re in trouble folks. These woke, commie policies are destroying our kids and our country.

Even Bed Bath & Beyond couldn’t survive their go-woke policies. It doesn’t work, we all know it, yet here we are.

You have this Enfield commie agenda pushing, know nothing as superintendent of our schools.

Besides her $400,000 per year job to push communism and wokeism she also has a really nice golden parachute should she be fired.

How does someone with next to no legitimate experience land a $400,000 a year job pushing communism on our kids?

As Yuri told us, for communism to grab hold of our kids, it mustn’t be challenged. Meaning these commie drones programming our kids don’t dare let common sense enter the discussion. No counterargument is allowed in their one-sided programming of our youth.

They can’t allow debates, they can’t let the best idea win. For communism to work, they must censor the other argument and never allow debate.

That’s exactly what this sellout commie know nothing Superintendent Enfield is doing.

She refuses to meet with the Education Crusade and discuss ideas, let alone track records.

She lies out both sides of her mouth saying how great our schools are with no allowance of the truth to be heard from the opposing sides.

What’s she afraid of if she’s telling the truth? Why not meet with the Education Crusade, why not let the other side of the argument be heard?

Because she’s a commie sellout, destroying our kids’ pink matter, driving our future generation and county into the ground.

Sound harsh? Hardly, it’s treason for socialism or communism to be taught in our schools as per the 13th amendment. These people should all be held accountable.

Sound crazy still? Why won’t Enfield debate Paul White in front of all the parents and kids?

Because she will be shown for the commie fraud she is.

Prove me wrong Enfield. Show us you’re right and we’re wrong. If you’re right, why do you keep ducking Paul and any accountability?

Show us I’m wrong, debate Paul in front of everyone, and let them decide.

In the meantime, Paul White and the Education Crusade, fact-checked commie Enfields last propaganda address to the county, read what she says, then read the truth below it.

9 Things We Learned About the New WCSD Superintendent’s Plans for Fixing Our Broken Schools here:

Confidential Hotline: (775) 685.8200 “What’s Going On At YOUR School?

9 Things We Learned About the
New WCSD Superintendent’s Plans
for Fixing Our Broken Schools

The following are 9 facts we learned last week about our new, $400,000 per year WCSD superintendent. She shared this information in her “State of Education” speech that she presented at Herze Middle School. on February 2.

1) How is the Superintendent going to deal with up to 98% of our students failing their state and national tests?

“We are going to just stop testing them…and make up our own tests.”


2) What hope did the supt. give for improving future student learning?

“We may NEVER get our students up to accomplishing at grade level… so we are just going to celebrate their relative improvement.”

3) What did the superintendent say was her #1 Mission, to make sure our students get the quality education they need?

“I’m going to (memorize) the names and faces of all 60,000 of our students by the time they graduate.”


4) How is the supt. going to deal with daily student assaults on teachers that have injured many of them so severely that they have not been able to return to work?

“I’m going to reflect on that problem.” (?)


5) What did the supt. have to say about the fact that the past week’s activity in our schools included: a stabbing, a gang beating, a student’s suicide/drug OD, and 2 gun-threat lockdowns in 3 days at one school?

Absolutely NOTHING


6) How did the Supt. respond to the DAILY issues of: student assaults on teachers, 40% in-school student drug use, violent fights, a 40% absence rate, and a functional illiteracy rate that ranges up to 98%?

ZERO specific acknowledgements or comments on any of them.


7) As a proclaimed highly trained education expert of 25 years, who is being paid $400,00 per YEAR for what she knows, how is the supt. going to select her most important school goals?

“I’m opening an online chat-room for parents and the community, where they can talk with each other about what THEY think is important…and then I’ll do what they choose.”

8) Education Crusade has offered the supt. proven solutions that would IMMEDIATELY start to correct WCSD’s problems with excessive student absences, out-of-control drug use, dangerously violent behavior, and low academic performance. She (and the School Board) have expressed NO interest in even hearing about these solutions. Did the supt. share this fact in her speech to the community?



9) The supt.’s closing words were: “WCSD schools are on the RISE!” Is that a true statement?

ONLY if the supt. was referring to the “rise” in absence rates, in-school drug use, teacher beatings, violence and gang activity, functional illiteracy rates, chaotic classrooms, and massive teacher resignations BECAUSE of her refusal to even acknowledge these issues.



Our forefathers and the brave men and women who gave their lives for our freedom have been so utterly betrayed by these woke commie sellouts. We must save our kids or our county and country are done. We must not let our founders and fallen give us everything for us just to throw it away. Enough is enough.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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