There’s something special about America. It’s called the great experiment. It was the first time in the history of the world that the people were in control where people could really own land, where people really have a say and really control their destiny.

I’ve been all over the world, I’ve seen most of it, and again America is special. But what I’m seeing now, like you, are the things that made America great are being stripped away.

We now see our borders being flooded by illegal aliens, reportedly 30,000 a day. That is completely unsustainable, regardless of how you feel about helping fellow humans. It’s stripping us of our countless resources. It’s an act of war.

The problem is it’s not being perpetrated on us by another government. It’s being done to us by our own government. The inflation we see and feel, the Marxist school system, the destruction of our supply chain, the theft of our elections, the insanity of mandates, the killing of our energy independence, and so much more are all being done to us from within.

The stripping of our masculinity of men and children, the destruction of our military, these woke policies, etc, are all designed to create a new generation of weaklings who will allow the complete and total destruction of our country to happen.

It’s working.


Because we have a tremendous amount of people who are apathetic and a bunch of people in government who have sold us out for whatever their personal reasoning may be.

The truth of the matter is these people are committing treason.

Pushing socialism and marxism in our Constitutional Republic is treason. It’s in complete violation of the 13th Amendment.

These 100-plus people in congress who refuse to denounce that they embrace socialism or refuse to pledge allegiance to our flag are not fit for office.

These people at all levels of government who are destroying our great experiment are not fit for office.

We have to stop being worried about being called names for calling these people out. Sure, they’ll call you a racist, an antisemite, a denier, etc., but who cares. The reason they do this is they hope you have thin skin and just shut up and let the plunder continue. These people will never debate ideas and sides in the public square. They simply resort to name-calling.

Anyone who resorts to name-calling versus addressing the issue has already lost and hopes you just go away versus continuing to ask questions or point out the many flaws of their statements or actions.

It’s time to push back. We’re losing our country to these Judas, Benedict Arnold’s. These people are literally committing treason.

I get that things change, and I get that each generation fears the new generation is going to destroy our country, but folks, this really is the plan. This generation being groomed and the groomers doing it will destroy our country if allowed to continue.

Enough is enough. Stop being worried about being called names, and start pushing back peacefully at a local level.

In our county, we have a corrupt city council and county commission, as well as education system. I don’t use the word corrupt lightly. It’s actually an understatement. Many are guilty of treason.

It’s time to stop giving these people a pass. They need to be called out by name, and what they have done must be shown to all.

What we will show soon with the city and county should enrage you. If you give this a pass, you are the problem. Not them. People will keep taking and keep taking until you say no more.

Will you call these people out by name and for what they are and say no more to get the hell out?

Or will you let them take everything from you?

It’s our America. People need to love it or leave it. The people destroying it must come to justice.

Stand and say no more. Call these people out by name, expose their crimes, and let’s get them out of office.



I’m told Vaughn Hotdog Hartung and other Republicans are banding together trying to “destroy me.”

Why? Because I don’t lie, I call out the evil regardless of party, and they can’t buy me. Many have tried, and all have failed. Know, we’ll expose them all. Let’s show everyone who is guilty of what and of course, who breaks first.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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