So many of us are tired of what’s happening in our county and don’t know what to do about it.

We see these politicians all promise us hope and change, but nothing changes for the better.

Most of us are common sense, solid folks who have real ideas and real experiences in solving problems.

Yet, these folks who take leadership positions seem to do everything that defies common sense.

We sit here scratching our heads, saying what the hell? You promised to do X, and YzF WTH (what the hell) is happening instead…..

I did a video a while back showing how well public service pays. Watch it here and consider a profession or coming out-of-retirement change to help us all.

It’s important that people from our community who have our community in mind take leadership positions, or we will only go further into hell.

You can make a difference. You may not want a job, or you may not want to be a politician, but you can see waiting for others to do for us; what we must do for ourselves, isn’t working.

Get involved.

We need you to take county and city jobs and run for office. If you’re as solid as I think, I’ll help you financially as well. We have vast resources. If you’re worried about the election process, as most of us are, stay tuned. What we’ve uncovered that we haven’t yet shared will expose the issues and people doing it soon.

It’s time we take back our county and city and get involved. I’ll do my part. Now you do yours.


Be the change you want to see, and stop complaining about others failing you and your family when you can step up and do a far better job.

Did I mention it pays far better than your job or retirement account too? Of course, I did. Watch the video here:

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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