Edward Bernays, the father of propaganda in the US, once said, “if we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without them knowing it.”

Nothing has changed. It has only gotten more sophisticated, as I have mentioned in previous letters to you.

This letter is in regard to the WCSD report that will be forthcoming from the superintendent this Thursday. It will likely be pure propaganda aimed at the hardworking parents and families of students here in the WCSD.

What the superintendent and others in WCSD fail to do is tell the truth. They lie to the families. They say the teachers are fine, the students are fine, and the learning and testing are fine, but they always need more money.

What needs to happen, is a full audit of all money received and spent and of course mass firing of all the leadership in the WCSD save a few here and there.

We need to see where the billions have gone. We need transparency. Do you know when the last time that happened was in the past decade? If you guessed never, you guessed right. We can throw all the money we want at these failures, and our kids will continue to be victims.

Why? Because not only does the leadership have zero desire to be transparent, but they have zero desire to teach our kids what they need to be successful.

We must get back to the basics. We must teach our kids the truth about life, money, history, God, and hard work. We must get the hell away from this marxist indoctrination system they marinate our kids in.

Back to Bernays, through the propaganda taught in our schools, they are destroying the minds of our children. Most will end up slaves to the system unless this changes soon. The current system is teaching how to be a good socialist at best. None of these kids are being taught what they need to know to be successful and self-sufficient. They are being taught how to be a part of the Orwellian nightmare, not to break free of it.

The system must be exposed, our kids must be saved, and thank God for Paul White and the Education Crusade and their part in doing just that!

When the highly overpaid and extraordinarily underqualified Superintendent Enfield spews out her propaganda this Thursday, just know that the truth of what is really happening is in Paul White’s summary.

That’s the real truth. That’s what really going down.

These so-called educators, leaders, etc., who are covering up what’s really going on, I believe will be found guilty at some point of some of these heinous crimes. I hope the full weight of the law comes down on them for what they are doing at the expense of our kids.

Not only do we need a full audit of where the billions have gone, but we also need to know how many of these so-called trustees and leaders have been on the receiving end of those funds and how much they covered up and lied about all of which put our kids in great harm. We’ll start exposing some of that soon.

You won’t believe the lawsuits that are in the works and what these supposed leaders did to try and cover up much of this……

In the meantime, read what is really going on below, and for the love of God and your kids, call out the propaganda, call out the lies, and do not be silent while our kids’ lives and futures are being destroyed by these sellouts at best.

Now, let’s cut out the propaganda and go right to the truth.

* Below is the Education Crusade’s “State of the Schools” report – the truthful and accurate version

* This Thursday (Feb. 2) at 4:30, WCSD Sup’t. Enfield will give her propaganda version of how our schools are doing, at Herz Middle School (13455 Thomas Creek Rd.)

The Sup’t. says she will be “sharing the District’s successes,” so her speech is probably going to last 30 seconds or less.

I wonder if her speech will include school unreported WCSD “successes” from just the past week, including:

  • The lunchtime stabbing of one student by another student at North Valley HS last Friday (at a neighborhood restaurant where no “closed campus” students were even supposed to be)
  • The severe NV HS campus beating of one gang leader by another gang on the same day
  • 2 campus-wide lockdowns in 3 days for gun threats at Hug HS
  • The school-wide sharing of a 13-14 year-old female student’s sex video at Desert Skies Middle School

And those incidents are just the ones that were reported to Education Crusade by staff members and parents.

Friday, February 3, the day after the Supt.’s fictional version of our dysfunctional and dangerous school system, radio station 780 AM will broadcast Education Crusade’s point-by-point rebuttal from 4-5 p.m.

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