An army united in purpose shall be victorious. It’s one of my favorite quotes from Sun Tzu.

Think about what it means. If we come together, if we work together, we’ll win, God willing.

I often see so many groups, organizations, and people of the same basic ideologies, cannibalize themselves and separate.

For whatever reason, maybe a conflict of character, a dislike for a person’s crudeness, or candor turns people that are mostly aligned in ideologies into enemies. It’s sad.

The reason I mention this is in yesterday’s letter to you, I spoke about what to do to take back our country. Things like joining like-minded groups and people, but sometimes that becomes hard for people when there’s some sort of conflict, no matter how trivial. This we have to fix.

Think about it, if someone mostly agrees with you on the basics, like:

  • Taxes are too high
  • Our money is being sent to the wrong places
  • Our money is being created by the wrong people
  • Our elections need immediate help
  • Our party and government need better representation
  • Our troops need to be taken care of
  • Our border needs to be secure
  • Our bodies should be ours to decide what goes in them or comes out of them
  • Government is too big, too corrupt, and has failed us
  • Our law enforcement needs to have more resources
  • Our property rights need to be secure
  • Our education system is teaching the wrong things
  • And so on….

So if you believe in the above, and someone or some group believes mostly the same things, wouldn’t you agree they are your ally, not foe?

I’ve heard things as petty as someone doesn’t like the way a person dresses, so they won’t associate with or support the person. 

Do you know how insane that is? 

Especially when the commie now gets supported because of the lack of support for the poorly dressed person!

By not aligning with the poorly dressed person who wants what you want, you get a commie who destroys our community instead!

This is a true story, folks. This happens.

So to wrap this letter up, let’s just use some common sense since critical thinking seems to have gone amiss with the masses.

Get over yourself! 

Align with people who mostly align with our values. 

Don’t let the little things that bother you destroy the big things you want to do!

Pay no attention to the people who don’t want to hear you. 

Waste no time on them. 

Waste no time on the people too ignorant to understand or too corrupt to tell the truth.

Rid yourself of them.

We must all align with people on similar paths to take back our country, or it’s over.

We must come together or fall apart.

We must hang together or hang separately.

Don’t let a little disagreement or personal feelings about a person keep us from taking it ALL back.

Call out the evil by name; Do not be afraid.

Do not self-censor; speak the truth.

Do not waste your time on the ignorant or the corrupt.

Let’s unite in purpose so we can be victorious.



Wait until you hear what Vaughn “Hotdog” Hartung has done. We must call out the evils by name. It’s time we take back our county commission. You know my phrases by now, if we take back our backyards, our cities, our counties, our states, we’ll take back the fed too. It’s coming!

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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