Yesterday, we posted a letter explaining why peaceful disobedience is needed and works. Today, we will briefly mention a few things that we can all do to start making a difference in our own communities. Many people feel overwhelmed, overworked, and ineffective in their efforts to restore our constitutional republic. Some have become apathetic and feel that nothing they do or did work or will.

Many of these people put their faith in one person who is not God or Jesus, and when things don’t pan out as they hoped, they give up or feel defeated. Others put their faith in a political party or groups outside the party that attempt to change the landscape, and when they fail, they lose hope. We have become a society that expects instant gratification, and when it doesn’t happen, many give up.

We must remember that good things come to those who wait, that there can be no gains without pains, and that making progress daily will eventually get us where we want to go. Many know these facts, but many also forget them when it comes to peacefully taking back our rights, liberties, and representation. So, what can we do? The answer is simple: we must get involved in our own communities, as I have been saying for years. If we clean up our own communities, we can clean up our counties, cities, states, and federal government. This will take time and effort, just as losing weight takes time and effort.

We are up against the global elite who have been pulling the levers of every aspect of our lives since the early 1900s. They are well-funded, connected, smart, ruthless, and use our own money through taxes and government funding to control us. But, if we take them on in our own communities, we outnumber them by at least 60,000 to one if just 10% of us stand up, according to Bobby Piton.

“…It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.” -Samuel Adams

First, do not censor yourself. Speak the truth to all who will listen. If we want to change the world, we first must change ourselves. So, stop caring about what people think or say about you. That is key. For the deniers and the apathetic, let them become slaves; it is their own fault. You, however, know better, so only speak to those who will listen and only speak the truth.

Second, don’t go at it alone. Join up with like-minded individuals. Stop thinking about things in terms of Republican vs. Democrat and instead think about good vs. evil.

For instance, I support many Democrats who are more conservative than our RINOs. All of these people I support are, in fact, conservative, more so than any we have in Congress. They are registered as Democrats because the cabal groups leave them and their elections alone. This is a true story.

What I’m saying is, don’t worry about the names of groups. If they share most of our constitutional republic views and are fed up with what’s happening in our government, nationally and locally, they are an ally, not a foe.

So, when you talk to libertarians, Green Peace, Democrats, progressives, etc., gauge how they feel about our elections, education, inflation, borders, medical tyranny, etc. You may have far more in common with them than you think.

Third, join groups and causes. We are all pressed for time, so we need to be mindful of how we spend our energy and time. Focus on things we can have the most impact on. Think of it like compound interest. You keep plugging away at your investments, little by little, and over a long enough period, the returns are enormous. The same principle applies here. Just do what you can when you can to start, but do it! Groups to join could be anything from your local Republican central committee to constitutional-republican-independent-conservative-libertarian-church groups, etc. Find groups in your area and build yourself a network. This also includes education groups and non-profits.

Fourth, share the information and action items with your family, friends, neighbors, church, co-workers, etc. Be the person who doesn’t self-censor, who speaks the truth to all who will listen, and wake up as many as you can. For instance, this letter here, copy and paste the URL to this letter and paste it into a text or email and send it to three people. Share the link on your social media pages. Sign and share petitions, affidavits, etc., write your public servants and stop caring what the ignorant or corrupt think. These people will be the cabal’s cannon fodder at best. These idiots who were all shaming us for saying not to take the jab, wear a mask, etc., are now finding out they have been lied to, not by us, but by the cabal system. Many of these people are now harmed beyond repair or dead. Watch over the next three years how many more die.

Don’t let people shame you or scare you into doing anything you don’t want to do. Use critical thinking. We are constantly lied to about everything. I would give you examples here, but that would be several pages of reading for you, so I’ll keep it simple. You know you’re being lied to, you know something, many things aren’t right. You know time is running out, so somewhere inside of you, you know I’m telling you the truth. Get involved.

Do not wait for others to do for you what you must do for yourself. Share this letter, join a local group, show up to board meetings and legislative sessions, to peaceful protests when they are to be done, share information, and do not worry about what the ignorant and corrupt say about you. Your life and your family’s lives are too important to worry about being called names. The people who call you names will be the biggest losers, that I promise you.

Start small, get involved, do as much as you can, then do a bit more. We will win. We know God wins, and we know if we put in the work, He comes through for us. He has for me every time.

On a side note, congratulations to Sigal Chattah. She won the State of Nevada GOP Committeewoman chair! Amazing what happens in a fair election, right? Thank you to all who supported and support her. She will do great things for us.



Do you really want to help clean up your backyard? Run for office, be and give the change you want to see in your backyard. Lastly, call out the evils by name, like Bob Lucey Lucifer. In a letter soon, I’ll tell you what this horrible human is allegedly now doing to Lemmon Valley and its incredible people there. Lucey just won’t leave us alone, will he?

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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