The media, the school board trustees, and the superintendents all called us “right-wing conspiracy theorists.” Why? They said that no CRT (Critical Race Theory) is being taught in Washoe. That the kids are all learning and producing above-average results. That the teachers and students are safe and productive.

All of these are lies or mistruths at best, and you know who’s been saying they’ve been lying this whole time? That’s right, we, the so-called “right-wing conspiracy theorists.” Now we have even more proof we were right, on top of everything else we have. The same people who have been slandering us and using our students and teachers as cannon fodder are now being exposed.

Yesterday at the WCSD (Washoe County School District) board meeting, we saw the truth finally come out about how some of our teachers are really being treated. Not by the trustees or the superintendents but by brave teachers who came forward and courageously told the truth about what’s happening with and to our kids and teachers in WCSD. I suggest you watch the testimonies of these courageous teachers (linked below), finally giving us the truth when the superintendents and trustees have clearly been lying to us and covering up the truth.

Note, when I say trustees, exclude Jeff Church and Westlake from the people lying to us. They have been avid fighters for our kids and teachers. It’s the others we’re referring to. People like Angie Taylor, who out of one side of her mouth says we’re all nuts, and then out the other side, she allegedly is telling people to cover up the truth or spin it. Don’t worry. Many examples will be forthcoming through the courts. Look for those documents coming this year.

You see, many of these trustees and superintendents have been lying to us and abusing our kids and students. The lawsuits that I’m told that are coming will potentially bankrupt the system and potentially land some people in prison. This is not hyperbole. These egregious, disgusting acts that have been allowed to happen to our teachers and students while these people cover it up are beyond atrocious.

Look for the lawsuits. Look for what comes next. For the love of God, listen to these teachers, hear the truth for real, and demand these pukes resign and be prosecuted for what they’ve allowed to happen or covered up.

Don’t buy the lies. This is not a money issue. This is a leadership issue.

They have way more money than is needed. In fact, when we get a real audit, you’ll see who is really profiting. Spoiler alert, it’s not our kids or teachers!

Our kids and teachers must be protected from these sellouts at best. These committees they will propose are a disgrace. They will accomplish nothing. Action must happen now. The incredible Paul White and his Education Crusade have been exposing what’s happening in these schools, but the press discounts what he says. The press now has evidence and testimony directly from the teachers. Will they continue to spin this and allow irreparable harm to our teachers and students, or will they finally report the truth as well?

How would they feel if they were the ones teaching, their mom teaching, or their child as the student? Would they finally then tell the truth?

Will the press and schools start taking what Paul White and the team say seriously and investigate?

Paul has done incredible things for students, teachers, and schools across the country. They need to take what he proposes seriously and actually put it into practice.

In the meantime, God Bless these courageous teachers. All this evil ends when enough of us say enough. This will only continue for as long as we allow.

Call out these heinous acts, do not be silent, and demand the resignation and prosecution of these trustees who have failed our teachers and students.

Enough is enough.



Watch and hear the truth, do not be lazy, do not be apathetic, watch and share this all with everyone.

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