Whatever happened to investigative reporting at the RGJ?

It no longer exists. They are now just state or county-sponsored media, it appears.

Since the 7 million dollars We The People paid for the dilapidated RGJ building, against our will, no real investigative reporting has occurred against the City of Reno or the County by the RGJ.

We have exposed some incredible discrepancies reported by the County ROV’s data, and none of it has been meaningfully addressed.

We have shown dirty voter rolls, missing voters-votes, an algorithm flipping votes, and complete maladministration, and none of it has the RGJ or County ROV truthfully or completely addressed.

Instead, what we see is spin. They say things like well, Beadles and team are right, BUT they didn’t take this or this into consideration which makes them wrong.

Full stop, all we do is report our findings from what they give us.

In the below email exchange between Drysdale and Robison, you will see what appears to be a partnership between the two to try and discredit our team.

First off, why is the spokesperson not the ROV addressing our findings?

Second, why is there zero pushback from Robison at the RGJ asking her to prove what she’s saying?

I and the team always gave proof and examples to Robison. None of that ever made it to you through the RGJ.

We have given him tons of evidence, but none of it has been printed. 

Robison says he’s a data and investigative guy, yet just blindly takes the word from the county and pushes their BS.


So let’s look at this email exchange between them, and let me point out one very inconvenient truth they refuse to discuss.

Here we show Washoe county media and communications person Bethany Drysdale coaching or grooming Mark Robison with the RGJ on the spin they want to put on our findings here:

Notice she sent this unsolicited to Robison. Why?

That aside, here’s the inconvenient truth, this is the Washoe County ROVs reported data they gave us. We just show the world what it says.

Here she tries to spin it and say we’re right, but it’s incomplete.

Full stop there. If that’s true, that means the data they reported is incorrect or incomplete, not our data, as it’s their data!

Second, it means that 78,204 “updates” (which is an insane amount if true) were classified WRONG in the data they gave us.

There is no accountability here by them. 

It’s their data, it means they had the incorrect registration dates in the data, or the ROV didn’t classify things correctly, not us.

Here’s another inconvenient truth, the data they published daily showing who voted in the 2022 General election is off by around 30%!

Meaning if you contact the people the ROV says voted in the 2022 General, around 30% will tell you they did not vote!

Meaning all those people had their voice and vote stolen by someone else! 

Meaning all the reported results for the 2022 General election is a complete lie!

The ROV is guilty of gross incompetence at best, malfeasance, and possibly fraud at worst.

We will be asking outside Federal agencies to investigate these people personally using We The People’s constitutional power. If they are breaking the law, we want all of you to see it and justice to prevail.

It is sickening what’s happening to our county and country through our disgusting election process. 

I know most of you agree. All I have to do is read the 100s of thousands of emails you all send me.

To further show the partnership between Mark and Bethany, look at Mark try to pin the Nevada Liberty website on myself or my son!

We have zero to do with this website, and yet they keep trying to say we do. 

Look at their exchange here:

I could write a book on all the issues we’ve found in Washoe County’s election systems and the spin, half-truths, and straight lies the County has said in regard to them.

The big thing I believe this shows is a further partnership between the county and local propaganda papers working together to try to silence the truth.

These people must be exposed for what they are doing. We will be asking for full investigations into many County employees by outside law enforcement. 

If these people are breaking the law, lying to us, and corrupting our votes, we must peacefully require the justice system to get involved in bringing justice to the people.

Enough is enough.



If you haven’t signed this and sent this to everyone in your email list, do so now:



Here is our team’s response to Bethany’s BS statement about us “being right but incomplete”:

In her statement to fact-check Robert Beadles’ statements, Bethany states the following:

Mr. Beadles claims that Washoe County has added more than 100k new registered voters and only removed 58k, which would bring us to 346k voters now. 

He is correct, but incomplete. Washoe County has received more than 100k voter registrations since the last election, but they’re not all newvoter registrations. In fact, brand-new voters only total 31,290 and the rest (78,204) are updates to existing registrations. Additionally, he is basing the 58,667 that have been removed with a registration date between that time period (Nov 2020 – Feb 2022) and not considering voters that have a registration date older that may have been removed.‘ 

     By stating that Robert Beadles is factually correct but incomplete, Bethany confirms on record that the ROV intentionally provided and continues to provide incorrect information. To begin with, the data provided by ROV office has the data point registration_date. By referring to a notion of ‘new or brand new registered voters’ Bethany claims that this data point is in fact an update date but a registration date thus making a solid case that ROV provides intentionally incorrect information to the public. 

     Second, In the same file provided by the ROV it is communicated that the registration_date_orig should give us the actual registration date. When using that data point the story stays the same in terms of missing registrations. By doing a basic analysis from the data provided by ROV when using registration_date_org there were 290,296 registered voters by November 30, 2020 on file. When adding the number of cancelled/deleted registered voters of 56,729 we should have had 337,025 registered voters by November 30, 2020. 

This number does not match with the reported 304,224 by the ROV. The discrepancy, in this case, is 32,801 records.

     Next, any suggestions by Bethany to add some deleted records from ‘older’ records’ will result in an increase in the discrepancy and is not matching to the reported 304,000. On top of that any other records that were moved to INACTIVE status would also result in an increase in the discrepancy. Furthermore, we did not take the INACTIVE reported for this specific reason because the discrepancy will double.

     Finally, by using both methods either registration_date or registration_date_orig the discrepancy is min ~30,000 registered voters.

As a supporting statement, in the 2022 election cycle 20,000 registered voters that were up for the Primary 2022 election were dropped for the General 2022 election. 

In addition, as ROV data suggests they had ~20,000 more registrations on the General 2022 list since the Primary 2022 list. What happened to 20,000 registrations that were dropped from the Primary list and that were disenfranchised for General Election 2022 and how the ROV registered the new 20,000 registrations in just a few months for the General Election 2022? 

The gap is 40K registered voters. 

We are not using any other data than those provided by the ROV. If they intentionally provide incorrect information what else do they report incorrectly? Election results?

Folks, you see our response, If you can follow the simple math and their reported data to us you’ll see we’re right.

Drysdale’s response of “we’re right but it’s incomplete” just goes to further show you she is either stupid or lying.

You decide.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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