Crypto is for crime, they said. 

Crypto is evil, they said. 

Yet, governments across the globe are creating or have already created their own cryptos…

These cryptos will be the new standard for payments in your everyday life.

You’ll have to use these instruments of payment, or you will have a hard time surviving in the near future.

Rewind to me in 2011 when I warned the world then, and countless times since, cryptocurrency is the greatest freedom for the world OR the greatest enslavement of the world.

What did and do I mean?

Well, a decentralized cryptocurrency outside the power of governments is the power of the people.

A centralized cryptocurrency controlled by the government is the absolute enslavement of the people.

Think Chinese credit scores on steroids.

Imagine a government knowing exactly how much money you have, where you spend it, and the ability to freeze it, to take it from you. This is what’s coming.

I’ve, from 2011 to today, proposed a decentralized payment system in which no one but you control your funds. A centralized system is the opposite of this.

I’ve created free-to-the-world technologies that live in a decentralized world. Meaning I’ve created things that are free to you, that I have zero control over. I can’t touch your funds, let alone know how much funds you have.

These technologies I created and gave to the world for free, millions use outside the chaos you hear about in the news.

I was one of the earliest proponents of the phrase, “not your keys, not your crypto.”

Some of this may be a bit above your comprehension in crypto, but you better get educated soon on what I’m talking about as your-our world will be all about this sooner than you know.

Briefly, the tech I’ve created leaves you and only you in control of your crypto. 

The things you hear about in the news effects what I’ve created ZERO. 

It’s actually the rallying cry for what I’ve created.

I knew a decade-plus ago this would happen. I-we built tech to protect us from it.

I’ve received thousands of texts and emails asking if I’m okay through this crypto-down market and the latest government-sponsored Ponzi scheme called FTX.

Lol, I never get involved in these things people are scared of me being potentially involved in.

I’ve, from the beginning, warned everyone of getting involved in these exact things!

I-we have ZERO exposure to FTX neither does anything we’ve ever created. Why? Because I 100% understand the tech and game.

When you enter crypto in 2011, as I did, do the math, Bitcoin was $1, yes, $1. I don’t trade, I don’t speculate, and I don’t risk our users to any of these shenanigans.

So rest assured, this crazy government Ponzi affected me and our millions of users ZERO.

All it did was prove me right once again. I’m undefeated in predictions in crypto by the way.

Know, too, crypto is not what I’m about. It’s not what funds us. God has blessed us. We have created billion-dollar businesses outside of crypto we’re financially fine.

But I digress greatly. Let’s talk about FTX a tiny bit.

In a nutshell, a group of kids got together, used some existing code, got some huge promotional boosts, and then….

Made a crap ton of money. 

What did they do with it? 

Besides scamming a ton of hard-working people, they gave 40-100 million to the Democrats!

Dumbed down, even more, allegedly, the US government gave billions of our tax dollars to Ukraine. Ukraine then used FTX to launder the cash to crypto that then went to FTX and then went back to Democrat election funds.

Laundered tax dollars for Democrats.

WEF promoted it, governments promoted it, the media promoted it, and the people got smoked by it.

This is a glimpse into what really happened.

It’s far more devious. 

This letter is just to let thousands of you know I’m 100% fine, proven right yet again. The press will never cover the truth that I-we saved millions from this scam.

I lost ZERO dollars. 

Actually, I made a ton of money because I knew things like this were coming. 

I never give financial advice, and I never tell you what to do with your crypto or money, but if the people hurt through this had access to my insight prior, they wouldn’t have lost a satoshi. 

Wouldn’t it be great if the press actually covered what happened here and who did it?

Know, regulation on crypto is coming in like a freight train. The government will say they are here to save us when they enabled this…….

Government-sponsored crypto for political purposes and total control is here and only coming like a freight train for us all…..




We have so much going on I don’t even know where to start, but these elections are beyond certifiable. 

I hope to have some good news, even on a small scale, tomorrow for you. 

The NV GOP may be stepping up with my attorneys and me. If so, that’s huge. 

I know so many of you-we feel let down by the RNC and GOP, but if they do this one thing, it may help expose it all and really show they are stepping up for us!

Side note, fam. Very sorry for the delay in email responses. I’m about 120,000 emails behind but doing my best to get to you! Love ya!

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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