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It’s time we unite as Americans.

It doesn’t matter what party people belong to. Americans are what makes America great.

Both sides now see we have incompetency at best in our elections.

Sure some are running around doing the happy dance while flipping us off because their candidate made it through.

But how did they make it through? Was it because they got more legal votes or just more ballots?

I suggest we all unite across our state and ask for a hand count and signature verification audit in both Clark and Washoe Counties.

There is far too many irregularities and errors reported via affidavits to simply certify this election as is.

Let’s unite around asking for a hand count of every ballot and signature verification of every envelope signature.

This recount audit would be done by a neutral 3rd party with total transparency to the public.

If there is less than a 1% error rate, I will forever shut my mouth about election irregularities and offer the county and all a sincere apology.

However, if there is a greater than 1% error rate, we hold a new election. Remember, the acceptable error limit by the NRS is far less than 1%.

This new election would be held on one day in December at the convention center, by paper ballot, by hand count, and worked by local legal voters supervised by the county commissioners and ROV.

The entire process would allow full transparency to the public. 

No outside temporary workers allowed.

Does this sound fair for all parties? Something all could unite behind?

If anyone wouldn’t unite behind this, you need to ask yourself why and if you trust their motives.

There’s no reason not to do this if the election is found in error of greater than 1%. All should agree our votes must count legitimately the way we cast them. If they don’t, we have a huge problem that must be addressed now, not later.

The certification of the vote on Friday must not happen.

We have so many affidavits sworn under penalty of perjury to issues people observed.  There’s no way, without an audit-recount by hand, we can certify.

Our public servants must do the will of the people. We want a hand recount.

Remember, if it’s less than 1%, I’ll shut up forever about election issues after the apology.

If it’s greater than 1%, we get a new election.

If you can unite behind that, send this to everyone you know.

Let’s peacefully demand from the ROV and SOS we get our hand recount and signature audit.

Send this email to us, and we will send them all to the ROV and SOS with our additional documentation.

Simply copy this text below and email it to

Dear Registrar Of Voters and Secretary of State,


Article 4, section 4 of the Constitution entitles we the people to a Republican form of government. We feel we are being denied this right.


We currently have grave concerns with our election system in Nevada.


As our public servants, we respectfully request you to perform an audit on the 2022 General Election.


Do not certify the 2022 election until we have the requested audit.


This audit must be conducted by an independent 3rd party, with full transparency to we the people.


This audit must entail a hand recount of each cast ballot via paper or machine vvpat roll.


Additionally, each signature on the ballot envelope must be authenticated to ensure it’s a legitimate vote.


The signature is the main line of defense against illegal voters voting.


If there is greater than 1% errors with the cast ballots or signatures, we demand a new election.


This election will be conducted one day in December 2022 at our convention center or similar. It will use paper ballots, be counted by hand, and reported on the same day.


Workers will be made up of local volunteers and/or workers from all parties.


All must be registered Nevada voters.


We must have faith in our elections. Currently, we don’t.


We believe you want us to trust the reported results. This will ensure we do.



(Your Name Here)

Copy, paste, and send us that email if you agree and can unite behind this simple ask.



If you haven’t read this, do so after you send us the email.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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