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A buddy just forwarded me this NV Globe article on Mike Clark.

I find it refreshing that we can get a fair article without spin and narrative. Kudos to the Globe.

Hopefully, other media outlets will start to follow suit.

What I found great about the article was Megan let Mike speak and get his side out.

Once again, we see how Mike Clark saved poor and rich taxpayers over 100 million dollars while fighting the county to make it happen for We The People.

He returned around 100 million dollars to taxpayers in Incline Village who were wrongfully exploited by the county.

He additionally saved every homeowner in Washoe County a 100% tax increase.

Why doesn’t the media cover that?

He is additionally trying to save and help the residents of Lemmon Valley.

All three of these enormous endeavors he did and is doing against the county and its relentless desire to wrong We The People.

He has been relentlessly attacked by the same county for these endeavors as well.

They slander against him, the lack of a fair hearing in the courts, and so much more he endures for you and me through these battles for us.

I strongly suggest you read the article. It’s not often in the media we get to hear the real story without spin.

Once you really look into Mike Clark, you may see he’s really Clark Kent, AKA Superman, fighting for us all in Washoe.

Thank you, Mike, for all you do for us.



Vote Mike Clark “Kent” for County Commissioner District 2

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