It’s becoming clear there are two sets of rules in Washoe.

“Rules for them” and “rules for us.”

We continually see our public servants going against what We The People want.

Why is that?

Well, to put it simply, they’re in bed together, working against us.

They’re working for themselves, not for us.


The County, City, Schools, ROV, and media just to start.

I’m going to share with you emails that have been forwarded to me from each of the entities I just mentioned.

We’ll redact some personal information but leave all the content for your consumption.

This is just a taste of the incompetence at best and criminality at worst stemming across multiple entities.

The County:

You will quickly see the County is working against the citizens of Lemmon Valley.

Jeanne Herman is their representative, Mike Clark is the county accessor, they put a meeting together to speak with the harmed citizens.

County manager Eric Brown and County Commissioner Chair Vaughn “Hotdog” Hartung shut it down.

They said it was political.

The people of Lemmon Valley are suffering from horrible conditions and rather than help the people, these two silenced them and any potential remedies that could have come from this meeting.

Why would they do this?

Why would they silence the people?

Is it because they are the ones making this political, backing the opponents of Herman and Clark as well as the developers and Soros money they are all tied to?

Read for yourself. What do you think it is?

School Board:

I share emails below regarding how Mr. Reid calls out the hypocrisy of the school board. They allow a Bernie Sanders event at the school but refuse to answer about holding a Trump event there.

They use our tax dollars, and our facilities for their purposes, not ours.

It should be fair for all, if Sanders wants to use it, great, if Trump wants to use it, great.

It shouldn’t be liberals in charge of our schools only allowing their party to use our facilities.

Read for yourself below.

Additionally, I could write an entire book on the injustice that faces our children in these propaganda camps called “schools.” But the man behind most of the vision for what has become of our schools says it best. John Rockefeller, ‘I don’t want a nation of thinkers. I want a nation of workers.’

Think about that….

City Council:

We see 60% of Reno had their votes stolen.

60% of the council has been appointed, no votes were cast from We The People as to who will represent us.

They just appoint their own buddies, “yes men.”

Notice, the Nevada Globe just broke the un-safety center corruption. They tell us they are 14 million dollars over budget on phase one, but we don’t know how much phase one is. Nor do we know how many total phases there are.

We’re told Hillary told the contractors to simply paint over the rusty beams versus replacing them for safety. The reason, we’re told, is because it would look even worse and cost even more money to do it right.

We’re told there is a gag order in place to prevent the City or contractors from discussing any of these issues.

The Nevada Globe additionally reached out again to the city representatives for comments and the Globe was told to contact the Reno Police Department! So the city representative won’t answer any questions and the Reno PD isn’t running the project or paying the bill!

We then see the City Council just passed another $40,000,000 for the unsafety center!

What is this unsafety center? An asbestos, mold-filled shell of a building that should be torn down. The City paid $7,000,000 to the RGJ for this building! The City owns hundreds of properties many far better in location and purpose.

Since the RGJ received the $7,000,000 we seldom if ever see the RGJ do any negative reporting on Schieve or the City.

Why hasn’t Scheive been called out?

Oh, I forgot, there’s an apparent GAG order, and no media around here has the integrity to do it asides from the N.V. Globe.

See emails below.


We have countless examples of how the ROV is not following the NRSs, they have misprinted the ballots at least two times and many people are receiving 2-5 ballots.

We have affidavits showing no signature verification is meaningfully taking place.

We see no chain of custody in many cases.

We know the machines are hooked up to the internet.

We’re called crazy or harassers for simply asking questions.

We see in New Mexico, there is a 25% difference in the hand count vs the machine count. People that won in N.M. actually lost. The hand count proved it.

The ROV uses software for the elections that the CEO was just arrested for allegedly sending the election data to China.

We see all these issues, and so many more I can’t share yet, all dismissed as “crazy talk.”

We see the people funding the promotion of candidates, PACs, school board, city council, county commissioners, the media, and more all on Nazi George Soros and buddies payroll.

How can we ever trust the ROV or its reported results?

If I told you the full story, you’d never believe me. It’s that bad.

You have to peacefully hold them accountable.

Notice the press never condemns or mocks the 150 times the Democrats called foul and said the elections are rigged. Or the hearings proving the machines can’t be trusted.

(Watch them tell us how UNSAFE machines are, it aged like MILK!)

Did you hear what they said? Why aren’t they being called out as crazy?

If they take our votes, our voices, we lose it all, as we see every day since 11/3/20.

They’ll call you names for telling the truth, so what, our voices are too important to go silent.

Still don’t believe there are issues with our elections?

Don’t take it from me, take it from him….

The Media is propaganda, not news:

We see all the local news companies have gone far left in their politics and reporting. Everything has spin, narrative, and motives behind them. It’s no longer news, it’s propaganda.

Here’s how they all say the same thing in unison:


Have you additionally seen how social media, media, and the Government target and censor us?

Give it a read.

DISCOVERED: Facebook and Twitter Private Portals Where Democrats, Government Officials and Corporate Elites Meet to Ban Unwanted Conservative Content

Read this one too:

If you look at the emails I get requesting interviews they are all super biased with a very clear narrative to them. I’ll share some for you below as well. Look at what they ask. Look at the tone.

Look how none of them will record and release the interview in full for you to hear or read to make up your own mind.

Look at the RGJ failing to call out Hillary Schieve’s lies below.

Look at their so-called “fact checkers” they are the least qualified to check facts.

Even Facebook was caught admitting their fact checkers are just their opinions, not necessarily facts!

These people in the media are all coordinating and attacking in unison.

Right now they are trying to hurt our amazing candidates by saying I gave them money. They lie about me, to try and hurt them. They make up things about me, to make the candidates look bad.

The real question they should be asking is, why is George Soros spending 10’s of millions of dollars in Nevada?

Nazi George Soros and pals are funding the liberal candidates, the PACs, the school boards, the county commissioners, the secretary of state, the attorney general, county clerks and so many more, with actual Nazi money.

Why don’t they expose this?

Well, these very same media outlets are also receiving Nazi money from Soros and pals.

It’s like a spider web of NGOs, PACS, organizations, etc., all funding with Soros money to these candidates, entities, and media outlets.

They are the true Nazi sympathizers and no one but us appears to be calling them out for what they really are….

All in bed together, all selling us out, all rolling around and spending Nazi money AND or using our own tax dollars against us.

Read below, wake, and wake others.



If you haven’t watched this and shared this yet, do it now:

Emails below:

The County sold you out.

Begin forwarded message:
From: “Hartung, Vaughn” <>
Date: October 27, 2022 at 5:23:38 PM PDT
To: “Brown, Eric P.” <>
Subject: FB Post

CLARK for County Commissioner


I went to this meeting that Re-Elect 5th District Washoe County Commissioner Jeanne Herman put together last week and posted about it with residents out in North Valleys/Swan Lake.  Took an idea back to the Washoe County, Nevada – Government Assessor’s Office and asked the team to look into it.

If interested please attend at 6PM on Wednesday, November 2, 2022 at the Board of County Commission meeting room.

#mikeclark #WashoeCounty #clark4commissioner #electmikeclark #district2 #vote #nevada

Vaughn Hartung

County Commissioner District 4 | Washoe County | Office: 775.328.2007 | Cell: 775.432.4372

1001 E. Ninth St., Bldg. A, Reno, NV 89512

From: “Brown, Eric P.” <>
Date: October 27, 2022 at 5:40:36 PM PDT
Subject: Fwd: FB Post


based on the post below you will need to have your meeting somewhere else.  Election campaign events are not allowed in County facilities.


Eric P Brown
Washoe County Manager

Media in bed with Hide’n Hillary and pals. They receive $7,000,000 for an asbestos filled trash heap and no longer cover the truth about Scvhive and crew.

Sent: Saturday, October 29, 2022 11:28 AM

To: Santoro, Peggy <>; Robison, Mark <>

Subject: No story about the under-construction Public Safety building?


Peggy and Mark –


It’s been a week since the Nevada Globe broke the story about the scandal, mismanagement, and corruption regarding Reno’s new Public Safety building renovation, and the RGJ hasn’t mentioned a word about it yet?

The story was written by Founding Editor, Megan Barth, a reporter who’s written for, among others: the Hill, The Washington Times, The Daily Wire, American Thinker, Canada Free Press and The Daily Caller and has appeared frequently on, among others, Headline News CNN, NewsMax TV and One America News Network.

  • The article included photos validating the article’s claims.
  • It quoted a report from a City Hall employee that Mayor Schieve has a gag order on the job, regarding the attempts to paint-over the rusted structural beams and circumvent the expense of replacing them…as well as building codes. W/hen the Mayor is on the ballot, withholding any possible role she had in this, and refusing to interview Schieve about this is extreme electioneering on the part of the RGJ.
  • The City Council validated the article when they met to discuss it and more-than-doubled the budget to try and cover-up the over-spending and incompetent management of this project, and immediately put up a fence and security guards around the perimeter of the project, without explaining why they had waited until now to do that.

Thiis is NOT a big local story that should have been reported immediately? And that’s not mentioning the apparent conflict of interest in the city paying the primary newspaper in Reno over $7M for the site and building, when the Council could have built the site on one of their dozens of city-owned and available properties, saved taxpayers over $7M, AND had a completely new building instead of re-purposing an aging and much less suited building.

If the RGJ hopes to maintain any sense of its journalistic integrity, it needs to report this story immediately, or explain why it has chosen NOT to do it.

On Sat, Oct 29, 2022 at 2:01 PM Santoro, Peggy <> wrote:

Thank you for the recommendation. We’ll look into it. At this point, the election is taking up every resource.





I really appreciate your prompt response, Peggy.


The thing that has me pounding my head against the wall, is how an incumbent mayor putting out a gag order to cover her malfeasance with the public safety building, all of a sudden deciding to fence it off from the public, offering ZERO rebuttal to the NV Globe article’s claims, and just coincidentally with publication of the Globe’s article, declaring a double increase in the budget on the project without telling ANYone is NOT relevant to the election? Or the email I sent you and James the other day about her blatant lying to him in the interview he did about the $10M+ of incentives that her own city council approved, and NONE of this justifies a story??

If Eddie Lorton had neglected to mow his lawn last week, it would have been front-page news. What is incomprehensible is how for 10 years of Reno’s steady decline under her tenure, with lie after lie after incompetent lie, NO one will call her out.

After liberal Sheila’s most recent name-calling tirade against conservatives, PLEASE give me one reason – if the goal is balance and not partisan reporting – why you wouldn’t try me as your regular conservative voice in op/ed’s? I’m coming up on Year 5 in Reno, and the RGJ has not had ONE authentic conservative voice on local issues since I’ve been here.

Schools for thee not for me.


To: Santoro, Peggy <>; Robison, Mark <>

Peggy –


When does this STOP?










On October 6, 2022, former President Trump, plus Lombardo, plus Laxalt came to a rally in Minden. The RGJ ran 1 photo and attacked Trump in the article.


On October 28, 2022 former Nothing Bernie Sanders brought a partisan rally to Reno High School’s gym(does WCSD rent out their facilities for political rallies?) and the RGJ offered not ONE word of objective critiquing and ran EIGHTEEN photos of the rally, including numerous family/little children/balloons and bunting shots that were nothing but pure electioneering on the RGJ’s part.


Peggy, this is BLATANT disregard for any attempt at journalistic integrity.


You mentioned earlier today that you hadn’t covered the Public Safety Building fiasco because you were “busy with the election.” So… weren’t too busy to cover Bernie 24 hours ago, who has LESS than nothing to do with our local election, but could barely cover the former President’s Minden rally, that featured the top 2 Republican candidates for office.

From: Graeme Reid

Sent: Tuesday, October 25, 2022 10:25 AM

To: Enfield, Susan <>

Cc: Rombardo, Neil <>; Church, Jeffrey <>; Taylor, Angela <>; Minetto, Ellen <>; Rodriguez, Joseph M <>; Smith, Elizabeth A <>; Mayberry, Adam <>; Nicolet, Diane M <>

Subject: [EXTERNAL] Our Future Is Now Tour w/ Special Guest Sen. Bernie Sanders


Ms. Enfield,


I learned this morning that there’s a Bernie Sanders get-out-the-vote-for-Democrats type rally scheduled for Friday, October 28, 2022 by some far-left activist group at Reno High School. This is my complaint. You can’t be having highly partisan political rallies on school property – particularly when, just yesterday, you were arguing that you are not involved in politics.

On Oct 25, 2022, at 11:49 AM, Rombardo, Neil <> wrote:


All Trustees BCC’d to avoid OML issues.


Good morning Mr Reid,


Superintendent Enfield asked that I respond to your email below.


Board Policy (BP) 1310(e), specifically states, “Political activity…is permitted after operation of school hours and not during a District or school activity with an approved Facility Use Form.”  BP 7120(4)(b), Community Use of School Buildings and Facilities, permits open political activity on school grounds as long as it does not interfere with the pedagogical purpose of the school or school activities such as extra-curricular activities.  (Please also see Administrative Regulation (AR) 7121.)  BP 7120(3) also states, “Authorization for use of school buildings and facilities by an external organization shall not be considered an endorsement or approval of the activity or organization nor for the purposes represented by the activity or organization.”


Here, the organization submitted an application, which has been reviewed and approved through the District’s process.  This is no different than our schools being used as a church on the weekend.  We permit the community to use our facilities, as long as they agree to follow our contract, but we do not support one church over another in the same way that we do not support one political point of view over another.  I included the relevant links below:,%20Community%20Use%20of%20School%20Buildings%20and%20Facilities-%20v7_FINAL.pdf


Sincere regards,

Neil A. Rombardo, Esq.

Chief General Counsel

Office of the General Counsel

425 East Ninth Street

Reno, NV 89512

Phone: 775.348.0300

Fax: 775.333.6010

On Oct 25, 2022, at 1:22 PM, Graeme Reid wrote:

I cannot not imagine a more irresponsible decision than to permit a highly partisan political rally on school grounds targeting children and young adults with radical left-wing propaganda right before an election.

I also cannot imagine less true words than “we do not support one political point of view over another”.

How about we try the shoe on the other foot test? A “Make America Great Again” rally to “Stop-the-Steal” featuring Donald Trump. Let me know what dates you have available.

Wed, Oct 26, 5:47 PM
Graeme Reid to Neil, Susan, Michele, Adam


Note Reno High School calendar’s is advertising the Bernie Sanders rally.

Hillarys Lies, RGJ blind eye.


On Tue, Oct 18, 2022 at 8:41 AM Robison, Mark <> wrote:

Great question, REDACTED. I’ve been wanting to do a fact checker on incentives for Jacobs. This is the perfect reason for looking into it.

I knew about the sewer incentives but hadn’t considered them special incentives for Jacobs because most (all?) developers get those. But I’ll look into those again and the other ones listed below.

Thanks again for keeping me on my toes!


Mark Robison

Local Government Reporter and Community Engagement Director



Subject: Fwd: The facts on Hillary’s lying about special treatment for developers.


Peggy and Mark –

Can someone PLEASE tell me how the following slipped through the RGJ’s fact-checking? My op/ed’s get repeatedy questioned on minor things, and THIS total,huge lie by the Mayor (one of MANY) goes to print?

Only 7 months apart, Hillary tells a bald-faced lie…and the RGJ didn’t challenge it.

October 28, 2021 This is Reno (“…Jacob project passes”)

by Bob Conrad


According to city staff, Jacobs Entertainment incentives include:

  • Pedestrian amenity credits not to not exceed $4,658,516.
  • Sewer connection fee credit extensions not to exceed $1,568,261.
  • Building permit and sewer connection fee deferrals: 5-year payment schedule.
  • Residential Construction Tax: collected funds to be spent within the District during the first 5 years of the Agreement
  • ______________________________________



May 6, 2022 – RGJ

by Mark Robison

“I think there’s been a lot of perception out there – especially like with Jacobs (Entertainment) – that Jacobs received all these incentives, but they HAVEN’T” ????. (Hillary Schieve in RGJ interview with Mark Robison)



Subject: RE: The facts on Hillary’s lying about special treatment for developers.

To: REDACTED <REDACTED>, Santoro, Peggy <>

Great question, REDACTED. I’ve been wanting to do a fact checker on incentives for Jacobs. This is the perfect reason for looking into it.

I knew about the sewer incentives but hadn’t considered them special incentives for Jacobs because most (all?) developers get those. But I’ll look into those again and the other ones listed below.

Thanks again for keeping me on my toes!


Mark Robison

Local Government Reporter and Community Engagement Director


Sent: Tuesday, October 18, 2022 9:27 AM

To: Robison, Mark <>; Santoro, Peggy <>

Subject: Fwd: The facts on Hillary’s lying about special treatment for developers.

I think you’re pretty on your toes, Mark. I stick up for you all the time, and I hear an increasing number of people complimenting your objective reporting as well: commenting that the RGJ has noticeably improved since Duggan’s departure (Peggy! 🙂

I just think you guys underestimate what an incredibly inveterate and practiced liar Schieve is.

Peggy will remember a couple of years ago, when a 3-days-dead homeless guy was found on the roof of the old Record Street homeless shelter. Schieve was quoted as saying she had “no idea that the shelter was dangerous and unsafe.” That is, she had “no idea” until I confronted her at a Council meeting and reminded her of a video-taped meeting I’d had with her (and RPD and the homeless shelter manager) in her office two YEARS prior, where she and Cashell totally denied my telling them what horrible condition the shelter was in. At the Council meeting, she glibly admitted that I was right and shrugged it off right there, almost like, “Oops, you caught me, but oh well…”

Re Jacobs, there’s more than what the This is Reno article listed in official “incentives.” I’m pretty sure that they were also given or paid FAR below market value on at least a couple of pieces of property. And how do they justify having accomplished nothing but razing low income properties and building nothing during the past 3 years? Is there no performance clause in their contract? Eddie Lorton really knows these details and would be happy to speak with you.

Reporters asking for interviews.

From: Mielke, Brad <>

Date: Saturday, October 29, 2022 at 10:23 AM

To: <>

Cc: Aronson, Vika <>

Subject: ABC NEWS: seeking comment

Hello Mr. Beadles,

I’m a reporter with ABC News, where I host ABC’s daily podcast “Start Here.”

I’m working on a story about people who still have doubts about the legitimacy of the 2020 election, and how they could alter policies and procedures if they take political office.

I just wrapped an interview with Bob Lucey, who expressed worries about your influence on the current crop of candidates in Nevada. I’d really like to get your perspective on this though — any chance you’d be available for a quick interview at some point this weekend or early next week?

Thanks for considering,

Brad Mielke

On Mon, Oct 31, 2022 at 7:18 AM Aronson, Vika <> wrote:

Hi Mr. Beadles.

Vika Aronson here from ABC. I’m working with Brad on this project, and just wanted to follow-up on our request.

If you’d prefer not to do an interview, we’d also appreciate the opportunity to get your responses to some written questions.

Thanks so much.

VIKA ARONSON | she/ her | PODCAST PRODUCER | ABC NEWS | Washington DC | |

From: Crypto Beadles <>

Sent: Monday, October 31, 2022 4:10 PM

To: Aronson, Vika <>

Cc: Mielke, Brad <>

Subject: Re: ABC NEWS: seeking comment

Good afternoon.


I have no problem doing an interview as long as you attach it and it’s entirety to any article that is derived from its contents.


If you can’t agree to that, send me the questions via email and I will answer them provided you publish them in their entirety.


Please let me know if either option works for you.


Have a great day.

On Mon, Oct 31, 2022 at 4:03 PM Mielke, Brad <> wrote:

Hi Mr. Beadles,


We can’t guarantee we’ll run anything in its entirety. It’s both a timing issue (this is a short podcast) and an editorial issue (our listeners depend on us for our news judgement).


Our request for an audio interview still stands, but I wouldn’t be able to guarantee those guidelines. I can guarantee we’d represent your point of view faithfully.


Likewise on written questions, we can’t guarantee anything will run in full. But we hope you’d consider responding to the following:


  • Do you believe the 2020 presidential election was affected by mass voter fraud? If so, what do you think happened, and why has it still not been substantiated in the court system?
  • Did you directly or indirectly fund the Washoe County Commissioner campaign of Mike Clark?
  • If you did provide funds to promote Mike Clark’s candidacy, why?
  • Did you encourage people to show up to Bob Lucey’s chambers to call for the adoption of your new measures for election procedures?
  • Are you concerned that elections officials are being unfairly harassed?
  • You’ve called for elections rely exclusively on paper ballots which are then hand counted. What’s your response to elections officials who say paper ballots and hand counts will lead to chaos, confusion, and encourage indiscretion?
  • Why did you move to Nevada? Was it to have a more significant impact on state politics than you did in California?

Thanks for considering.


Crypto Beadles <>
5:38 PM
to Brad, Vika

If you can’t give people the entire statement for context and transparency, I must decline.


In looking at your questions I can clearly see you have zero interest in representing the concerns of the people. You instead have a narrative you are trying to paint.


To my knowledge no worker has ever been harassed, I am 100% against any harassment or violence upon anyone. Additionally, the worker that left the ROV, do you know where she works now? You should look into it if you truly are a journalist.


It’s truly sad you and the media try to paint people as crazy or worse for taking a few thousand dollars of support from me.


Why not cover the candidates like Lockhart, Garcia, Lyngar who all take Soros money?


Why don’t you cover the tens of millions of dollars Nazi George Soros is putting into the Nevada candidates, pacs and media companies and even your media company.


You’re taking Nazi money, why not cover that?


Don’t take it from me, here he is in his own words, your taking money from this guy and his pals:….html


Are you Nazi sympathizers?

Szep, Jason (Reuters) <>

Mon, Oct 17, 3:26 PM

to me, Linda, Joseph

Mr. Beadles:

We’re planning to publish a story on your political activities in Washoe County that we spoke to you about in September after the Republican Party executive committee meeting. We are writing to seek comment on several issues. Our story will focus, in part, on your public comments criticizing Deanna Spikula and Jan Galassini, and on your larger efforts to replace election officials with candidates who align with your theories about voter fraud and the need to revamp election procedures.


Could you please respond, either by phone or email, by 4 p.m. Reno time tomorrow, Tuesday, October 18?


Here are points where we seek specific comment:

— In an interview, Galassini told us that your espousing of voter fraud theories has spawned hostility from the public and turned her and Spikula into targets. Could you respond?

— As part of the story, we are including some information about your history and your background in business. In a search of property records, we found that you purchased 26 properties in Washoe County since 2020, for a total of nearly $12.7 million. That includes a $1.6 million home. Are these figures accurate, and would you care to comment?

–We also plan to mention your efforts to recall commissioners Vaughn Hartung and Bob Lucey. In seeking to replace Hartung and Lucey, is your goal to elect commissioners who will address the changes you seek in Washoe elections?

— In an interview, Lucey likened your political tactics to “guerilla warfare,” and said that you will “viciously attack” opponents. Would you like to respond?

–In an interview, Sandra Linares told us that she pulled out of the recall of Hartung because she considered your ads to be “scorched earth” tactics. She said she quit the county Republican organization after you began attacking her and accusing her of being a “RINO.” Would you like to respond?

Thanks again for your time.

Best regards,
Jason Szep, Linda So and Joseph Tanfani
Jason Szep | Reuters | International Political Investigations Editor
| Email: |

Bert Johnson via 

Fri, Oct 14, 2:21 PM

to me, Tabitha, Tom

Mr. Beadles,

As you are aware, The Nevada Independent, KUNR Public Radio and APM Reports have been working on an investigative profile about you, your political activism, and your past comments — some of which may be viewed as controversial.


We have previously reached out to set up an interview. However, the conditions you listed in order for us to have that interview would have compromised our editorial independence. We’re sending this email with specific questions about statements you have made in the past and other matters. For your convenience, we’ve sorted the questions into categories and tried to keep related questions together.


If possible, please provide your responses to us via email by 12 p.m., Sunday, Oct. 16, 2022.


“Protocols of the Elders of Zion”


  • In a livestream posted shortly after the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, you said the events that day were choreographed by outside forces, not Trump supporters. You pointed to the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” — a long-debunked antisemitic pamphlet falsely claiming that Jews are conspiring to take over the world, saying: “Just like the ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion,’ when you infiltrate every single layer of civilization of a society, they put their people in these prominent positions to keep the information from leaking out or to keep their narrative in place. And we’re seeing that.”


  • Do you believe in the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion?
  • There are a lot of people who say “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” is antisemitic propaganda that falsely blames the Jews for masterminding various tragedies and economic occurrences. Did you know that? 
  • Do you blame Jews for Trump’s electoral defeat? Do you blame Jews for the violence on Jan. 6?


  • You discussed the “Protocols” in at least 12 livestreams last year, often bringing the subject up multiple times. You even urged listeners to read the “Protocols” for themselves in another video stream from January 2021 and dismissed evidence that they are fabrications.


  • Why are the protocols required reading for your listeners?
  • Do you believe Jews should be removed from the United States?


  • Through our research, we have only found you discussing the Protocols during livestream events that you’ve hosted on your own platform.


  • Is there any reason why you’ve prioritized this content on your own platform and not shared these views elsewhere?



  • You frequently brag about being an early investor in Gab. On a livestream, you spoke with Gab CEO and founder Andrew Torba about the site, describing it as the “most censored startup in the history … of startups.”


Gab gained national attention in 2018 after the Tree of Life Synagogue shooter in Pittsburgh announced his planned attack on the site. Prominent Republicans running in 2022, including Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters and Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano, have sought to distance themselves from Torba and Gab.


The Anti-Defamation League has called Gab a “haven for antisemites, extremists and conspiracy theorists.”


  • Are you still an investor in Gab?
  • Have you reconsidered your support for the platform and Torba after the criticism of the company and its founders?


Conspiracy Theories


  • Many of the conspiracy theories you discuss in your livestreams center around an almost omnipresent “they” — broad enough to include any number of targets but referring at times to a cabal, globalists, elites, members of the Chinese Communist Party, and prominent Jewish families, among others.


  • Could you specify who you are referring to when you say “they” in this context?


  • You’ve promoted conspiracy theories claiming Biden is a puppet for greater forces and used slogans from the QAnon movement, such as “the storm definitely is upon us,” and “Team 17” (referring to the letter Q, the seventeenth letter of the alphabet).


  • Do you believe in the QAnon movement? If so, what elements of the group do you specifically believe in?
  • Are there any theories or beliefs that you disagree with?


  • You alleged that the medical system is focused more on money-making schemes than protecting public health, and said you had friends who died after receiving the COVID vaccine. In one livestream, you also said that COVID treatment protocols were just ways for the medical community to kill people for profit.


  • Do you have evidence you can provide showing your friend(s) died because of the vaccine?


  • In social media posts on Gab, you said you are a “pureblood.”


  • What does that mean to you?


  • You have emphasized the need for peaceful protests. But in March, you were a guest on the SGT Report with Sean Turnbull. At one point, he said public health officials responding to the COVID pandemic had committed “Nuremberg-level crimes” that should be “paid for with death.” You agreed with him during the interview – and you added that they could be guilty of genocide.


“Yeah, I truly believe that there should be a [sic] unbiased court that tries these people,” you responded. “And if they’re found guilty, I believe it’s genocide.”


  • Why do you feel that way?
  • Do you still believe that public health officials responsible for COVID mandates should be put to death?


  • In the introduction to your book, Here’s What You Do!, you discussed the Rothschild family, a longstanding target of antisemitic conspiracy theories. “Theorists also say that the Rothschild family secretly runs this world. It is openly reported that Amsel Rothschild has said, ‘Give me control of the economics of a country, and I care not who makes her laws,’” you wrote.


  • Do you believe that the Rochschilds are controlling the world?
  • Did you know that these views are considered antisemitic propaganda? 
  • Why did you discuss these theories in your book?


  • At the end of your book’s introduction, you wrote that you neither agree nor disagree with any of the conspiracy theories you cited. You made those claims, yet, you devoted the first three paragraphs of the introduction from your self-published book to conspiracies involving the Rothschild family. “I have no proof, nor do conspiracy theorists that make such claims,” you wrote. “After all, a good conspiracy is one without proof: otherwise, it would be fact.”


  • If you don’t believe in these theories, why did you publish it in your book?
  • Do you believe that the Rothschilds had a front row seat to 9/11?
  • Do you believe that the Rothschild descendants meet twice daily in London to dictate to the world what the price of gold will be?
  • Do you believe that the Rothschilds meet and tell the Federal Reserve (which you refer as the Fed) what to do with America’s finances?
  • Do you believe that the Rothschilds worship Satan?
  • It seems like you’re hedging your bets when you say in the introduction that you’re just sharing ideas that other people promote. If you won’t commit to whether you believe them or not, why are you giving them an additional platform in your book?


Narratives about Black and Asian American communities


  • During one livestream in 2021, you said: “The undeniable truth is that neither slavery, nor Jim Crow, nor the harshest racism, has decimated the Black family the way the welfare state has.”


  • Why do you believe that Black families on welfare have it worse than those who were enslaved or lived during segregation?
  • Do you still stand by that statement? 



  • How would you respond to criticism from Asian American communities saying that terms like “Chinese flu” and a “Chinese-caused crisis” are offensive? 


Christians in government 



  • Do you believe these figures represent your religious values? 
  • Why did you choose to associate with them?


  • In numerous public statements and online postings, you have said you are motivated by patriotism and a desire to see Christians at every level of government.


“When Christians refuse to get into office or work for the local government we can quickly see how the last people in the world we want to have power over us, get it,” you wrote in a blog post in February 2022. “The bottom line is we need Christians in charge.”


  • Why do you believe that Christians are better suited to run the government?
  • What about people from other religions? Atheists? Should they be allowed to hold office at all? 


  • In March 2022, you explained to far-right podcaster Sean G. Turnbull: “When you look at the cabal type, and what happens to everybody underneath because of their decisions, it’s satanic,” you said. “It’s just good versus evil. It goes back thousands of years: You’ve got people that worship Lucifer, and you’ve got people that worship Christ, and they’ve been in a battle this entire time.”


  • How do your Christian beliefs meld with your political ones? 


Political involvement


  • You launched a campaign targeting sitting Commissioner Bob Lucey and recall efforts against Commissioner Vaughn Hartung and the only sitting elected Black official in Washoe County, Angie Taylor.


  • Why did you focus on defeating Lucey?
  • Why did you try to recall Hartung and Taylor?
  • Why have you become more politically active in the last year and a half?


  • According to public records, you reached out to Washoe County Commissioner Jeanne Herman in December 2021 and invited her to join a group of business owners at your house to share her platform.


  • Did you meet with Herman? What did you discuss? 


You introduced yourself as one of the largest landowners in Nevada and dangled the incentive that “many here can help your campaign.”


  • Do you have any data that shows you are one of the largest landowners in Nevada? 


  • Beginning in January of this year, you started telling your online audience about a list of electoral changes you wanted local officials to adopt in order to “clean up” elections.


“Have National Guard at each polling location to ensure rules are followed,” you said during a livestream. “No more mail-out ballots or machines. All done by hand, by county citizens. We have one day of voting. Not early, not late voting; one day, make it a holiday.”


Then, on Feb. 8, 2022, you took your demands to the Washoe County Board of Commissioners in the form of a 95-item “election integrity” petition. Hundreds of backers joined you in urging commissioners to adopt the changes, but commissioners were unable to take the item up for procedural reasons.


Those ideas you promoted later reappeared in an election-reform resolution put forward by Herman in March.


  • Did you ask Herman to champion your demands? 
  • You told our colleague that you never discussed these demands with Herman but the records show that Herman did meet with you before she brought forward her resolution. Did you discuss her resolution at all before she introduced it?


  • You launched a campaign through a political action committee that sent mailers accusing Commissioner Bob Lucey, without evidence, of cheating on his wife with county employees. You also said Lucey funded his campaign through drug deals, among other allegations later found to be unsubstantiated by the Reno Gazette Journal. Lucey lost his primary.


  • Do you have any evidence to support your claims? If so, please share your evidence?


  • The first time your name crossed Bob Lucey’s inbox was on Jan. 8. The email subject line: “Meeting.” “Robert Beadles here, known by most as Beadles. I am a Reno resident and financially support as well as deploy my vast resources to many candidates and leaders across our Nation,” you wrote. “Do you have time this coming week for a quick meeting?” The next time Lucey heard from you, you were pitching a 95-point list of election reforms during a board meeting.


  • Did you ever meet with Lucey? What happened after you emailed him on Jan 8 asking for a meeting?


  • Speaking on Steve Bannon’s popular “War Room” podcast in October of last year, you said it’s vital to bring “American Firsters” into the precinct strategy movement. “There’s like this dark, globalist hand that’s kind of infiltrated every level of society,” you said that day. “And it’s time that we get back involved. And we defend against this by, basically, the precinct strategy.”


  • What does “American Firsters” mean to you?
  • What’s the end goal of the precinct strategy?


  • Along with funding candidates, you have focused on questioning the state’s elections system. In numerous livestreams, blog posts and county meetings, you have referred to elections as “selections” and accused the government of using a fictitious “algorithm” to automatically shift ballot counts.


  • Time after time, those claims have been disproven by election officials and through the courts. Why do you still repeat them? 


  • In a podcast interview, you described leading a group of “patriots” to put the squeeze on the central committee board members, ultimately pressuring them to resign. You are still listed as a member of the executive committee on the party’s website.


  • Why was it so important for you to be on the Washoe GOP committee?


  • Though your preferred candidates won in Washoe County, you said the June primary was still “fookey” in a blog post.


“Many say, Beadles, what are you doing? Tons of your candidates you support won,” you wrote. “Look, until we correct our election system, they may win the primaries and then have their race stolen in the generals if this continues.”


  • What does “fookey” mean to you? 
  • How can you reconcile that your candidates won in an election that you claim was rigged?
  • Will you accept the results of the 2022 midterm election in November?


  • You had backed Joey Gilbert’s gubernatorial bid with a $150,000 donation. After Gilbert lost the primary, you paid nearly $191,000 for a statewide recount of the results. But that recount netted Gilbert just a handful of votes and failed to change the outcome of the election. You then financially backed Gilbert’s legal challenge, alleging that Lombardo’s win was a “mathematical impossibility” caused by a computer algorithm shifting vote totals.


  • Why did you support a recount that faced low odds of changing the outcome? 
  • How do you feel about Gilbert recently conceding that he lost the June primary?
  • Do you regret spending that money?


Personal Background


  • You have claimed to be descended from a wide variety of historical figures, including Benjamin Franklin, William the Conqueror, Wyatt Earp and Daniel Boone.


We reached out to historians and other organizations that study the genealogy of these figures, and they said they see no evidence that you and your family share any familial relations with them.


  • Do you have evidence of being descended from these historical figures? Could you share any names on your family tree that could trace back to those historical figures?


  • In your 2009 self-published book, Here’s What You Do!, you instructed readers to buy investment properties and rent them to tenants who get rental assistance through the local Section 8 program.


You explained that government funding gives landlords a “guaranteed income source.”


“Buy [a home], putting down 20 percent out of pocket; Section 8 it; collect the cash flow; and repeat. It truly is that simple,” you wrote.


  • How does this square with your statement to other news organizations that you rent Section 8 housing to help less fortunate people? 
  • Are you involved in the Section 8 program to make money or to provide assistance to low-income families? 
  • What is Coral Bay? The Reno Housing Authority described it as a property management company. It appears that you make political donations through the company. Why?


  • A 2010 profile in a local newspaper described your life as a “rags to success story” — noting that you said you relied on government assistance after high school, before establishing a construction company and several real-estate ventures in the Lodi area.


  • Is this true? How did you go from living off food stamps to making what you’ve described as “millions of dollars a month?” 
  • Is there anything you’d want people to know about how you gained your wealth?


  • In a booklet you self-published in 2019, you claimed you are making “millions of dollars a month.”


  • Do you have any evidence you can provide us with to support your claims?

Thank you for taking the time to review our questions.


Bert Johnson | Senior Correspondent

Pronouns: he/him

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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