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We know they’re scared. 


The media and their handlers.

Scared of what? 

The truth getting out.

Not violence, just you knowing what’s real and what’s not.

We see slanderous, libelous article after article against us daily, but yesterday we hit back.

We gave them until Friday to take down their latest slanderous propaganda piece. If they don’t, we’re suing them for everything we can possibly get. 

This insanity must stop.

Let’s bankrupt these corrupt media outlets, their writers, and their owners.

I don’t care if we have to go to 20 courts to get justice. We will.

Additionally, we’re now giving two more media outlets the same opportunity.

We’ll see what happens.

Saturday, we’ll let you know what happens.

If they don’t, I have two entire law firms gearing up to make these their full-time jobs.

Read here as to what was sent:

They’re scared of you learning the truth. 

That’s why they lie about us and what we’re doing. It’s time to say enough.

Again, if we have to go to 20 courts for justice, we will.

If we have to spend millions, we will.

They should be scared, not of violence but of you learning the truth about them all.

Enough is enough.



It’s now or never. Stand up and say enough to all the totalitarianism infecting our county, state, and county.

Also, the not-so-Independent Nevada Independent, you should learn, and soon you will, who’s behind it and their connections to the same people we expose here.

Independent…..yea, sure. We can’t wait to show you.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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