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It’s been what seems a forever journey with the Registrar of Voters in Washoe and the county commissioners alike.

After our second-to-none, world-class team and I dug into all the crazy election issues of 2020, a year later, after we had a great idea as to what happened, we started asking questions to the Washoe ROV and team.

We went to county commissioner meetings and stated the many issues and grave concerns we had, but no answers were given.

We had a meeting with Eric Brown, the county manager, and Jaimie Rodriguez, the ROV tech team, and showed them the glaring issues and downright fraud—AND HOW THEY COULD PREVENT IT IN 2022—and they never responded.

In a county commissioner meeting where I wasn’t present, they said I made up wild numbers and showed voting machine issues with Clark county. Well, yes, we did find wild numbers, but they all came from Washoe Counties’ own data!

Yes, we did show how Clark County had the same issues as Washoe and also that Washoe voted identically to Clark County in every single Precinct! By the way, folks, that alone is mathematically impossible!

Have they ever addressed these issues? Nope.

They ran an election violating countless NRSs, court orders, etc., and what’s more, they ran the election without an official registrar of voters!

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They certified the election in light of all our findings anyway, yet fail to produce the actual data.

What are they hiding?

I could go on and on about the glaring issues we’ve experienced with the ROV, commissioners, manager, etc., but this alone should make you all stop and say, WTF!

They ran AND certified an election without an ROV and still have not given us the correct statement of votes cast.

What is the statement of votes cast?

It basically shows how people voted (not who voted) if in person, by early vote, by mail-in, where the vote was cast, and in what precinct they voted from.

Clark county released the same data the day after certification, which is around 4x the size of Washoe County!

This is what Clark posted:

Here is what Washoe recently posted:

I know most of you may not notice the difference, but Clark County gives us the raw data, and Washoe gives us a manicured clean PDF missing most of the important things we need to verify a legitimate election.

Notice we asked the Washoe ROV for it on 6/14/2022, as this information is critical to a constitutional republic’s faith in its elections.

We then asked for it on 7/15/22.
Now they say they need until September to release it?

Umm… how can you certify an election without it?

Why does a County need three months to produce something a county around 4x the size did in a day?

Why do they need to wait until a remodel is done before they give us the data they supposedly used to certify the election three months prior for?

Did you see what Fred Lokken, in an RGJ article, said? The RGJ finally said something that makes sense when referring to the Washoe County ROV: It’s a true understatement but factually correct.

On a sadistic side note, you should see the responses from the ROV to the information requests we submit. It’s like they are responded to by a 3-year-old child; I’ll save you the pain…

Just know I literally have to sue them for information, and I have. It’s ridiculous it’s come to that, but what are they hiding and why?

Talk about hiding, have you seen this?

And I quote as close as I can…

“I spoke to Jaime, and she also concurs with my decision…because we did not have this open during the regular election when we were doing the tabulation, so we are doing consistently what we did previously. We’re actually doing the exact same thing we did in the election. We’re not going to deviate from what we did before.”

What does it mean? It’s simple.

If they count our votes in secret and won’t give us the data and don’t have an ROV to even run the election, how in the hell can we ever trust these people? How in the world can we ever trust our votes counted in the way we voted them?

We have a court order that guaranteed meaningful observation:

Which they broke numerous times, along with other NRS 293.274 violations, as you can see below.

In my sole opinion, based on… well, if we get our day in court, you’ll see too… Washoe is rigged folks… Nevada is rigged.


Pushing and promoting our candidates with our blood, sweat, and tears must be done…


If our votes don’t count, if our voices are silenced, we become slaves, and all the hard work is for NOTHING!.

We must push our candidates and push for election security in parallel! WE MUST DO BOTH SIMULTANEOUSLY!

Are you and your families fine with being slaves, or would you prefer to be free people as our slandered forefathers intended us to be?

I choose freedom. Will you?

If so, stand, say enough, and call this vermin out!

Support our candidates and, for the love of God, call these election issues out! Do not go quietly!!!



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