Actually, 2 years… yea, that’s what Bob Robert Lingenfelter Lucey’s called stepdad John Scott Burkett appears to have only done in prison.

Only 2 years of a six-year sentence for killing Kelly Kolozsi while driving drunk and on cocaine…

Kelly Kolozsi should be here with us today, but he’s not, due to Johns’s 2nd DUI, then he got at least 3 more.

Where is the justice for Kelly and his family? Imagine the life Kelly and her family were robbed of.

We can’t, can we?

Many people attached asked for leniency and early release; John got it.

I recommend you read all their statements and see who these people are in our community.

We wonder if they would ask for leniency in the same manner if someone killed their child?

John Scott Burkett says in his plea for leniency that he’ll eliminate any further abuse of alcohol or drugs.

Spoiler alert, it appears he received at least 3 more DUIs after he wrote the letter and was released what appears to be 4 years early.

We called the California Correctional Facility in Susanville, California (916-445-6713).

We’re told John Scott Burkett entered prison on 3-14-1989 and was released on 3-11-1991; his parole ended on 3-11-1994.

This was a 6-year prison sentence; pleas for early release from John, his family, and friends appear to have worked.

See the pleas for leniency and additional court documents here:

Our question to Commissioner Bob Lucey is, should John Scott Burkett be in prison?

Tell us, Bob…

Our question to you, the reader, is, how is John Scott Burkett not in prison?

Our question to us all is, is it not what we know but who we know that really does matter?

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