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How in the world can you trust the ROV in Washoe? Part Deux….

The ROV is MIA; no one has seen Dianna Spikula in a month; Heather Carmen appears to be the new ROV or soon to be ROV—we wonder if she will be the face of fraud exposed shortly too?

This, in itself, is not necessarily fraud, but it speaks to the sheer incompetence or fraud happening in plain view they refuse to speak about.

They use the media to just say we’re wrong, with no proof or half-truths—but never address us.

They call us crazy, but we are the majority. We, the crazy, make up over 90+% of Republicans and over 40% of Democrats who believe election fraud happened in 2020, and most believe 2022 will be no different.

We pointed out the Registrar is so corrupt or incompetent they can’t even spell their own name correctly in their mission statement! They quickly changed it after the outcry of laughter and sadness from my last post.

Here again, we will expose a serious issue, and the last was comical; this is dangerous.

These are our votes; they are certified… forget the fact they refuse to answer us about the missing 40,000 voters; here are their official certified results for the world to see:

Notice anything?

How In The World Do We Have 377,457 Ballots, 269,236 Registered Voters AND only 188,824 voters?

Sure, they can say this is a typo—they accidentally doubled some here and there—but seriously, how in the hell can you trust anything these criminals tell us?

I wouldn’t call them criminals if we didn’t have proof btw…

Let’s see how long it takes them to fix the above “hiccup” Heather Carmen calls all these issues. We call it incompetence at best, fraud, and treason at worst.

Stay tuned; you’ll never believe who these people are and what they did and are doing…


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