When a candidate runs for office and feels their opponent is not eligible to run for office, they can issue a “challenge”. This challenge is almost always paid for by the candidate running for office.

If the candidate who files the challenge doesn’t win the challenge, the candidate has to pay all the fees associated with the challenge. Now when a candidate files the challenge, it can go to court, the legal fees can be absurd as these challenges can go on and on and accumulate attorney fees, can turn into trials, etc

Now if the candidate loses the challenge, the candidate is responsible for ALL the legal fees, etc associated with the challenge.

In the challenge issued by Bob Lingenfelter Lucey, the County is picking up 100% of the tab regardless of winning or losing!

See here from our Request for Information responded by Bethany Drysdale from the county.

The Secretary of State already said in writing a candidate who has their party affiliation changed by the AVR is still eligible to run for office, as is Mike Clark.

See here:

For full doc see here

“ If a candidate of a major political party for partisan office had their party affiliation changed from a major political party to any other party through the AVR process, including by the establishment of a new voter registration in a different county than they had been previously registered, the candidate is eligible to run for office as a representative of that major political party.”

Well, Bob Lingenfelter Lucey feels he still must push on regardless of what the Secretary of State says!

This is asinine and appears as a petty, bully, political distraction decision to move forward in spite of the Secretary of States’ written approval, of people like Mike Clark.

We the taxpayers are picking up 100% of the tab!

Bob doesn’t have to pay if he loses but it appears he’s trying to use the system and our tax dollars to hurt Mike Clark!

Mike Clark has to pay for his defense out of pocket, the County isn’t covering his fees, and he’s ALSO a truly elected Washoe County Offical as our assessor.

Bob knows from the internal polls he will lose in a fair election, is that why he’s trying like crazy to get Mike out of the race?

We the people have to say hell no to this bully and this clear waste of our tax dollars.

Wait until you see what other truths we expose on the bully, Bad Boy Bob…

Stay tuned….

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