We all think politicians are dirty, but what do you do when you know they’re dirty and have the most credible witnesses to it?

Here we have two beloved County Commissioners testifying to this Commissioner’s character.

This character, named Bob Lucey, was named Robert Lingenfelter but changed his name to Lucey before he became Commissioner for Washoe County District 2.

Hear what these brave women came forward and told us about this character named Bob Lucey, who is rumored to control the entire Washoe County, including our elections.

Here Commissioner Jeanne Herman tells us how Bob was overheard being very racist and how he treats our black County Manager. So, where are BLM and the NAACP?


Here Commissioner Jeanne Herman tells us how Bob likes to have Booty calls with Assistant County Manager Kate Thomas, in his office, directly next to Hermans, on our time.

Bob, by the way, is very married, to an attorney. We wonder if Bob’s wife knows a good divorce attorney?


In this video, beloved commissioner Marsha Berkbigler tells us how Bob was so very upset with her. He was upset as Marsha voted for a black man to be the County manager over his booty call, Kate Thomas.

He then threatens her and says he will get her for this, and that he was coming after her in the elections. Bob is the guy who recently shot down the election integrity resolution for Washoe County. The County Commissioners can fire the Registrar of Voters, and Bob is said to work very close with Deanna Spikula, the Washoe County Registrar of Voters (ROV). Can Bob rig elections too?

Marsha was leading greatly in the 2020 election, then in the wee hours of the night, an unknown liberal in a Republican district defeated a beloved sitting county commissioner, Marsha. Coincidence?


Here Commissioner Jeanne Herman tells us how Bob took a bunch of money he can’t pay back and now has to do their bidding. Who did he take money from? Is he selling out Washoe citizens for special interests? Is he selling out Washoe for his own Wallet?


Here are several videos from Marsha and Jeanne speaking about how Mike Clark saved the day for Washoe. Saved Washoe and taxpayers from Bob Lucey.

Bob Lucey seemed to do what he could to keep the taxpayer’s money away from the taxpayers. We’re talking 120 million dollars! Bob didn’t seem to want to settle, and he didn’t seem to want to listen to the other commissioners. Bob didn’t seem to want to do what was right. Why Bob? Who is Bob really working for, the taxpayers or someone else?

Bob Lucey seemed to do what he could to keep the taxpayer’s money away from the taxpayers. We’re talking 120 million dollars!

Bob Lucey IS NOT For the People of Washoe County
Part 1 — Washoe County Commissioner Jeanne Herman says Mike Clark is constantly harassed and humiliated by Commissioner Bob Lucey. https://tv.gab.com/channel/robertbeadles/view/bob-lucey-is-not-for-the-62428a82375e36f2e0140a45

Part 2

Part 3 — Washoe County Commissioner Jeanne Herman says Commissioner Bob Lucey resented Mike Clark for representing the citizens of Washoe County fairly.

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6 — Marsha says Bob doesn’t want Mike involved:

Part 7 — Marsha says Lucey is constantly bad mouthing Mike Clark

Thought that was it? There’s More!

Restraining order placed against Mike Clark!

Marsha says Mike never should have been found guilty!

Washoe County Commissioner Jeanne Herman says County employees are uncomfortable working under Bob Lucey and they are quitting.

Marsha tells us what Bob was doing, or not doing rather for Incline Village.

Marsha tells us Bob doesn’t respect women or anyone with a counter view point to his own.

Marsha says Bob threatened her.

Marsha says Bob only cares about Bob, not we the people.

Much more to come in part two of Who is Bob Lucey-Lingenfelter….

Now, if you took the time to watch these videos you will quickly see there are some glaring issues with Bob Lucey. Things that make him unfit to lead or even hold office if true.

Do his supporters and financial backers support these types of actions?

Breaking News!

Recent developments this week with Bob Lucey include extortion allegations!
(Look for videos on this)

It appears in talking with Mike Clark, who is also running against Bob Lucey for Commissioner District 2 that the Registrar of Voters or Secretary of State changed Mike Clark’s voter registration from Republican to non-partisan!

This of course was not done by Mike, he says.

Bob called Mike and said to him, that he signed under penalty of perjury when he filled out his paperwork to run for Commissioner that he has not changed political parties in the last 90 days.

Of course, Mike did not. He’s been a voting Republican in every race since the ’70s, Mike says.

Is it possible Bob had the Registrar of Voters change his voter status?

Just to try and use this loophole against Mike?

There are lawsuits and other actions being taken by Mike now.

Mike tells us that Bob Lucey called him on the phone and told Mike if he doesn’t remove his name from the ballot he is going to have the district attorney file charges against Mike and go after him.

Since when does a sitting county commissioner call and threaten with extortion the opposing candidate?

If true, who does Bob Lucey-Lingenfelter think he is?

It’s going to be interesting to see how this all unfolds and how much evidence comes out that shines the light on Bob Lucey and what Bob’s been up to.

Here’s Mike Clark’s website:

Stay tuned!

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