Tired of our County circling the drain? Tired of failed policies? Tired of no accountability for failed policies?
The Washoe warriors will turn things around, so you need to vote for them if you’ve had enough!

Make sure your current other registration is set to Republican.

If you are set as nonpartisan or independent, you can’t vote in the primaries!
Many were registered as Republicans, but for some reason, now they are registered as nonpartisan.

Please check your status here:



We get ballots in the mail and have no clue who these people are in many cases. So we vetted many candidates to see if they would be incredible assets for our state or more disasters. Here are the people we looked into and spoke with that we support. It’s extremely important we have people in office who support our constitution and uphold it; these people will.

Let’s start with the state structure. If we have an incredible governor and Attorney General, that alone could help restore Nevada and bring it to its former glory and better!

Joey Gilbert – for Governor: https://gilbertforgovernor.com
Sigal Chattah – for Attorney General: https://chattah4nevada.com/

Don’t feel our votes count properly? You’re not alone! Want our votes to count? Then support Jim!

Jim Marchant – for Secretary of State: https://jimmarchant.com

Want proper representation and constitutional policies protected and enforced in our Senate?
Here are our two picks.

Sam Brown – for US Senate: https://www.captainsambrown.com
Matthew Buehler – for NV State Senate District 13: https://www.buehlerfornv.com/

Tired of our school system being last in the nation for education? Tired of our schools teaching our kids things that absolutely will not help them become successful in life? Support these incredible people, let’s take back our schools for the kids and kick CRT to the curb!

Cathy Kennedy Reyes –WCSD School Board District B: https://savewcsd.com/cathy-kennedy-reyes
Melanie Sutton –
WCSD School Board District C: https://savewcsd.com/melanie-sutton
Edgar Hitti – WCSD School Board District D: https://savewcsd.com/edgard-hitti/
Graeme Ried – WCSD School Board District F: https://savewcsd.com/graeme-reid

Tired of our clerk looking the other way or being a part of the problem? Just signing off saying it’s just her job? Let’s make sure we have a county clerk that will do the right thing even when no one is looking. We support Kenji!

Kenji Otto – for County Clerk: https://voteotto.com

Did you realize five people have the power to lock down your entire county or tell you what you can and cannot do in your own home with your own assets with your own life? The commissioners. Did you know they can destroy election integrity and our elections? We need constitutional commissioners! We support these incredible patriots!

Mike Clark – for District 2 county commissioner: https://www.clarkforcommission.com
Denise Myer – for District 3 county commissioner: https://www.myerforwashoecounty.com
Jeanne Herman – for District 5 county commissioner: https://voteherman.com
Chris Sarman – for Washoe County Assessor: https://sarmanforassessor.com
Damon Harrell – for Sparks City Council: https://www.electharrell.com
Dennis Owen – for Reno City Council

Tired of all these crazy assembly bills that strip more of our rights and freedoms? It’s time we have some God-fearing constitutionalists in our assembly that reject these communist bills being put forward then passed! We support these amazing constitutionalists!

Dorzell King Jr – for assembly district 24: https://www.vote4dorzellking.com
Bret Delaire – for assembly district 26: https://www.bretdelaire.com
Carmen Ortiz – for assembly district 27
Ricci Rodriguez Elkins – for assembly district 30: https://www.ricci4nv.com
Gary Schmidt – for assembly district 40: http://www.reformnevadapolitics.com

Tired of a mayor running our city into the ground? It is definitely time we appoint a mayor who can take care of its people, small businesses, the homeless, affordable housing, and clean up the cesspool downtown. Let’s turn Reno from charcoal to the beautiful diamond it can be with Eddie!

Eddie Lorton – for Reno Mayor: https://eddielorton.com

Vetting candidates can be tough, we’ll continue to add more Nevada First, Constitutionalists who put Washoe first, instead of their wallets or own interests.

Stay tuned.

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