Part One:

Most people in Nevada know there was fraud in our 2020 elections, but how far and deep does it go? Who’s responsible for it, and who will prosecute?

These are the thoughts and questions multitudes have in Nevada.

Typically in nature, the leaders of animals and humans have always been the sharpest, fiercest, and most alpha. Unfortunately, we see today quite the opposite, aside from the fiercest disinformation attacks on the messengers, not the massages.

Take the “The Big Lie,” for instance that the left and right both perpetuate when election fraud is brought up—they’re right, it is a big lie that there was no fraud. It’s been proven. There are documents, videos, confessions, affidavits for days, monies for pay for play that clearly show there was an abundance of fraud, but the naysayers say the courts threw it all out, and it’s a hoax. Really?

When you research, you’ll find that the courts, in almost all cases, never let the evidence be heard, or they decided what could be heard and couldn’t. Most cases were thrown out for what’s called “lack of standing.” Basically, the courts have said you can’t bring a case to the court because you can’t prove you’ve been harmed. Isn’t that the point of a court and trial? But I digress.

Let’s dig in a bit into Washoe County, Nevada, and you make up your own mind using critical thinking about whether you believe there was fraud and people should be locked up. Try to forget everything you’ve heard or thought you knew. Forget the propaganda and programming perpetuated by the mainstream media and the leaders who very well might not be in office if we truly did have fair elections; just look at the facts and decide for yourself.

In a nutshell, here’s how the voting system works in Nevada’s two largest counties, Washoe and Clark.

The County clerk’s power over the elections has been shifted to the Registrar of voters. The County Manager typically appoints the Registrar of Voters, and the County Commissioners typically appoint the County manager.

See an issue yet? The Commissioners oversee the elections. Imagine if you have a buddy you want to get into office or someone you owe a favor to? Imagine if you’re a sketchy commissioner who thinks he-she won’t be prosecuted or even caught. Imagine what you could-would do.

You see, the commissioners can hire and fire the county manager, so that person typically wants to keep the commissioners happy. The Registrar of Voters is in the same position.

Things get even more peculiar when you start looking at who resigned and who was appointed just before the November 2020 election. These are people from the Secretary of State staff all through Washoe county. You’ll have to ask them why, but many already know why.

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