Our world is circling the drain because we don’t have enough Christians in charge, it’s that simple.

Christians have said politics are a dirty game, and many don’t want any part. Only 25% of Christians vote and even fewer hold office or work in the government.

Do you know what happens when this is the case? Look around.

When Christians refuse to get into office or work for the local government we can quickly see how the last people in the world we want to have power over us, get it.

What happens when this is the case? Again, look around.

We have immoral, unscrupulous people in charge of us at every level. Who would have thought 5 County Commissioners or 6 City Council members have the power to lock down an entire County or City and take away our God-given rights! Or even have the power to steal or restore our elections!

Who would have thought these people can put the most unhealthy and uneducated evil people in charge of our health and safety! We are ALL getting a crash course in civics.

What can we do? Stand up, trust in God, and get involved! The time is now.

We have many seats open for this 2022 election, many of the candidates running are evil people, definitely not Christians, we must run where Christians are not and get involved.
The filing date is March 7th through the 18th.


The positions open are:

We must have our pastors, ministers, the congregation of high morals, and principled Christians run for any seat where one of us is not running.

For Christians who still say, “I don’t want to be in politics” fine, they probably have or need a job, right? The County jobs alone, not even the City jobs, pay from almost half a million dollars a year down to around $60,000 not including their awesome benefit packages.


The bottom line is we need Christians in charge, if we did, the whole world would be better for it and we could glorify Christ daily in civic duties and helping our neighbors, not the corrupt elite.

I would like to personally address any pastor or Christian that even remotely aligns with our feelings and thoughts here. I can put together a quick 15-minute presentation and leave it to the Lord and them to decide. Any time, any place, you name it I’ll be there, God willing.

You know our world is circling the drain while being on fire, we must trust in God and get involved. I don’t dare want to stand before our God at the end and have to tell him why I didn’t do my part.

Do you?

God Bless,

Robert Beadles


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