Why Recall Angie Taylor?

1. Repeated child abuse of a disabled student that took place over a 6-month period resulting in a
disclosed $4,400,000.00 settlement for the victim;
2. The Professional Equity Lens and Critical Race Theory (“CRT”);
3. The handling of the Covid-19 pandemic and relief funding;
4. Removal of the first public comment, future agenda items, and approval of agenda items;
5. Quality of education of WCSD students, including student proficiency in English, Math, Science,
and preparing WCSD students for higher education;
6. Decrease in ACT and SAT scores in WCSD and failure to address the quality of education of
WCSD students;
7. Prior knowledge of former-Trustee Jackie Calvert living outside of her district and tax-payer funds
used during investigation;
8. Actions resulting in a lawsuit filed in the Second Judicial District Court of the State of Nevada in
and for the County of Washoe, entitled Fiannaca v. Washoe County School District, Case No. CV21-02232;
9. WCSD meeting rooms and venues;
10. Misuse of tax payer funds to attempt to censure Trustee Jeffrey Church;
11. Requiring WCSD students to declare a gender pronoun; and
12. Encouraging teachers to not inform parents of information students tell them.

WHY nominate bev stenehjem?

Angie Taylor is why WCSD has been on a downward spiral since 2014. Her lack of leadership is responsible for our children’s scores falling, board in-fighting, numerous lawsuits, and two Superintendents who have come and gone.

Nevada’s ACT scores are worst in that Nation; WCSD has fallen below the state average while Nevada’s schools rank 49th in our country—Eight years of Taylor is eight too many.

Angie Taylor’s radical agenda is divisive and partisan. We must do better. The District can’t even provide bus service for our children!

I represent Washoe Values, and improving the Quality of Education is my #1 priority. As part of the new Team, I can help make WCSD a national model of quality. I have been a leader from childhood, graduating as class valedictorian, and have been involved in community events too numerous to mention.

With my wonderful husband of 37 years, Mark, Somersett is our home. My college education and long successful career in “HR” (22 Years) as a Human Resources Director is exactly what is needed to fix WCSD’s recruiting & retention crisis. I also belong to various groups, including the Lahontan Audubon Society, and I even play in an all-female ukulele band. Civic involvement is in my blood, and I’ll bring that non-partisan passion to the Washoe School Board.

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