WTF is this???

We warned ya….

Edwin Lyngar is running for county commissioner district 5. Who Wrote this as a part of a magazine called “Ontologica” by a now removed website called “”, and I quote:

“There is nothing more beautiful than Ray Ray’s penis, but I won’t be seeing it much longer because he just turned four. His days of running around the house naked with penis flapping and wild blond hair flying is coming to an end. My feelings about his penis have no unseemly connotations. I’m just fascinated by it because it’s totally unlike mine— Ray Ray is uncircumcised.

Ray Ray isn’t my only son. I have another, Eddie, who just turned seventeen. That’s a long time between sons, but I’m on my second family. I raised Eddie after his mother left us many years before. I believe in privacy, so I can’t remember the last time I saw Eddie’s penis, but I know he’s circumcised just like I am. Between the birth of my oldest and newest sons— my first and then second family— I researched and learned about circumcision. The more I learned, read and talked to people about it, the more revulsion I felt at the practice. I learned enough to leave my newest son intact, and I also developed deep regret for thoughtlessly altering my first son without so much as asking his opinion about his penis”

This is NOT fiction.


This is from his submission of “A Tale Of Two Penises” to’s Magazine Ontologica: Issue 4.2, which has since been deleted, but remember, the internet is forever.

I’m not a physiologist, so I won’t try to unpack what this all means, but to most of us it’s not healthy right?

I never gazed or was “fascinated” with my kid’s junk…hell, I don’t think I’ve seen my kid’s junk since they came into this world at birth when my incredible wife did all the hard work and I just simply cut the cord.

God knows I didn’t change diapers. Thank God for my wife. I don’t think I could have done it.

We certainly didn’t have our kids run around buck naked, free Willy style, and never for a moment “fascinated” with their junk.

Who, for whatever reason, writes about, fascinates over, or even thinks about this weirdness at best?

God save us from what he would be thinking, saying or doing as our county commissioner.

Do you want some atheist dude who is fascinated over his or any kid’s junk representing you and your family?

I sure as hell don’t. Thank God for Jeanne Herman, our beloved Mighty Mouse running against Lyngar.

If this doesn’t keep you from voting for him, I don’t know what will, but don’t worry, there is so much more we expose soon…


Think I’ll puke now.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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